ITV2: Streetmate - Thursday 8 November

Thursday 8 November 2007 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV2.

If the truth be known, everyone is looking for that perfect partner…a little happiness. But are people just too busy for love? Would they know their soulmate if they walked past them in the street?

Well the answer is here in the form of Streetmate, and playing cupid to some of life’s singletons is Holly Willoughby.

Holly is the icebreaker; at various towns and cities throughout the country she prowls the heaving streets, bursting into cafes, bustling markets and student bars to find one happy-go-lucky single person who is willing to find their perfect mate – a Streetmate!

Once Holly has sought out someone searching for their ideal partner, she gets to know a bit about them, their tastes, their home life, their hopes and dreams.

The chosen singleton then has the opportunity to spot a potential ‘mate’.They wait as Holly approaches them with the crew in tow, and they are completely unaware that someone in the background is eyeing them up and listening to every word they say.

Once Holly has found our lucky singleton the date of their dreams, viewers will get a chance to see them both in their home environment preparing for the big date and get to meet their family and friends gaining a greater insight into their personalities. How compatible is the pair looking now?

The day of the date finally arrives and it’s well and truly up to nature to take its course.

How will the date go? Is there a chance of a second date?

Streetmate is a pacey, fun dating show for young people with hectic lifestyles. But the special ingredient is the suspense that two ordinary people may or may not find true love!

In this episode, Holly, with her crew in tow, visit Edinburgh and Exeter.

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  • Anonymous

    I need to understand this I want you as a friend, you are such a lovely person. So this is the a market we need to look at. Im not a bad looking women. maybe in my late 30’s but baby i rock! do i? you see that age range? xx im ready to find love, 1 ex boyfriend, im good. Police man would be good especially if he was in the show…..he was so good. x

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