My Body Hell - Wednesday October 10

my body hell (4/5)

This groundbreaking documentary series provides a revealing insight into the complex world of women’s beauty, using candid testimony from real women across the country. This evening’s instalment examines the issues women have with their legs, bums and tums.

In a British television first, My Body Hell takes viewers inside the bathrooms of female celebrities and everyday women as they pluck, squeeze and shave their bodies to within an inch of their lives. The series also asks why the vast majority of women hate their bodies when, in reality, they are perfectly normal and attractive. Unique in its genre, My Body Hell does not attempt to make women over, but rather encourages them to love and accept their bodies –freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles and all!

The focus of today’s edition is legs, bums and tums –from cellulite to implants and ‘bum facials’ to varicose veins.

After Claire-Louise’s son was born, she had thryroid problems and ballooned from a shapely size ten to a size 30. Weighing 26 and a half stone, Claire-Louise had a gastric band operation and shrank back down to a size 14. Unfortunately, Claire’s skin has not shrunk with her and she has been left with what she describes as “bucketloads of cellulite” and spare skin all over. She now hopes to have what she calls a “lift, tuck and suck” operation to return her body to its former state, but will she be able to get it on the NHS?

Also on tonight’s programme, model Alex Best – winner of Rear of the Year 2004 –talks about her famous bum and how she keeps it in shape. She decides to test out a new massage and exfoliation treatment from America: the ‘bum facial’. This increasingly popular treatment is designed to make the client’s rear soft and ready for any celebrity photo shoot –will it give Alex the peachy bum of her dreams?

While Alex aims for better buttocks, hairdresser Janine’s life revolves around keeping, maintaining and perfecting her perfect stomach. Her punishing regime includes more than 2,000 crunches a day and an extra five gym sessions a week, as well as a severely restricted diet comprising just 110 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbohydrate per day. Meanwhile, area manager Kate, who dresses to hide her pear shape, is desperate to find clothes that will disguise her thighs. Can TV stylist Emma Lewer help?

Housewife Michelle also finds it hard to dress for her shape. She has been called ‘elephant legs’ her whole life and finds it impossible to get boots that fit or shoes that suit her. She uses tricks to try and disguise her ankles, such as wearing rounded shoes instead of pointed –and even finds fatter and broader-ankled women to sit next to! To tackle her ankle troubles, Michelle goes for a confidence-building trip to a spray-tan centre where the experts can contour legs and other body parts in need of subtle disguise…

Also in tonight’s programme, Jayne has an operation to get rid of her hated varicose veins; Sharon talks about her breast and buttock augmentation operations; and outspoken Mikyla Dodd, who played Chloe in ‘Hollyoaks’, wears Spanx underwear –a celebrity favourite –to an event. Will this moulding undergarment give her a figure to die for –or will she feel like she is wearing a wetsuit under her clothes?

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  • amna

    hi, i saw this progrrame on saturday 9th february,and there was a lady with my problem,it was her hair thinning problem,and iam suffering from that same problem.on that programme they treated her problem by replacing some king of wig peice on her effected area.and i really liked it.i wanna know where is this place and to whom shall i contact to have this same treatement.

  • Anonymous

    I saw some bum boosting pant that appeared in one of the shows. I would like to purchase some but I am unable to find them on-line or in the shops.
    Please let me know where they are sold.
    Thank you

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