My Body Hell - Wednesday October 17

my body hell (5/5)

This week sees the end of the groundbreaking documentary series that provides a revealing insight into the complex world of women’s beauty, using candid testimony from celebrities and everyday women across the country. Tonight’s instalment examines issues women have with their size –both height and weight.

A My Body Hell survey suggests that British women worry about their bodies every 15 minutes; 98 per cent of them hate their figures and half of them lie about their weight. Women in Britain spend £1billion a year dieting, and millions on cosmetic surgery. Britain is a nation that is obsessed with image, and this series asks the burning question on everyone’s lips: why?

This week, real women and celebrities reveal what they really feel about what nature gave them. One contributor is Jude Legge, a woman who stands four inches taller than her husband. What is it like towering above her beloved? Can she wear heels? And how does her husband feel about being dwarfed by his spouse? On tonight’s show, Jude reveals all.

We also meet Rachel Roberts, who is determined to drop seven pounds in just one week at an extreme Scottish bootcamp. What will Rachel have to do to lose half a stone, and will the weight stay off?

Elsewhere on this week’s programme, Sophie Anderton gives us a glimpse into her punishing diet regime as one of Britain’s top models. Just what does it take to maintain that famous figure?

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  • Anon

    Hi there, was wondering if anybody knows what brand those padded pants were for flat bottoms, as i’d like to purchase a pair and there isnt much info on them on the website.


  • Anonymous

    Hi, have you had any luck with finding out where to purchase those boosting pants from?? because I am not having much luck..

  • Anonymous

    No unfortunately not. If anyone out there does know, can they reply to these messages on the site and not by email, as I may have typed in the wrong email address!

  • Anonymous

    Hi there great news!!! I went on and found a pair of padded pants. Not sure if they are the ones featured on the programme but they look like they’ll do the job!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh I found another pair which are super low rise padded pants too, if you prefer a hipster fit

  • Anonymous

    On a site called feel foxy in the US

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i missed the bit were sphe anderton talked about her training regime…what des she do exactly to keep her figure? thanks

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just been on New You Boot Camp and dropped over a dress size in a week. it was really hard work but amazing and I could never have believed by the end of the week I would have been 13 pounds lighter. I have been on other weightloss boot camps and only ever lost a maximum of 3 pounds.

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  • Anonymous


    I would really appreciate some help.
    My cousin watched an episode of My Body Hell on C5 Live which involved a lady with a hair condition whereby it was prematurely thinning. I understand the lady in the programme had a treatment in which she had some sort of mesh through which her own hair was pulled up and further hair attached.
    I would really like to know more about the procedure or where it is carried out as I suffer from a similar condition.

    Many thanks

  • I see all of the positive comments about New You Boot Camp. This is NOT a good place to go if you are seriously over weight, unless you enjoy physical, emotional and verbal abuse and you are into collective punishment. Read my blog to see what it’s really like!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been to new you boot camp and lost 12lb in my week and have gone on to lose another three stone so it’s almost four stone now….I feel like a new person!

    We had two celebs on ours Abi Titmus and another one we all had to sign confidentiality agreements for…she was there to drop a dress size for her wedding and lovely.

    I was slightly older than most girls there at 52 and was worried I couldn’t keep up …but the staff were brilliant at assessing our ability and I managed to keep up the whole week! I would recommend to anyone …and am planning to go back in the summer with my sister in law to their new luxury venue… can see me on their succsess story page on their website – not sure what more can I say….

  • Anonymous

    I have been to New You Boot Camp in January and I lost 8lbs and 12 inches. It was amazing and as much as the boys were tough they were extremely kind and very knowledgable too. I have had a knee injury for years and spent £1000s on trying to get it fixed with all different specialists but I always had troubles until one of the instructors taught me how to do specific exercises and stretches. Now I don’t have any problems at all with it thanks to the staff at New You Boot Camp.

    I have lost a further 7lb since I left and I am going to the fitness days now as well. They were not only brilliant whilst I was there for the week but they have looked after me no-end since I left – the aftercare is brilliant.

    I can’t stop ranting about NYBC and I am hoping to go back in September.

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