Saturday, 13th October, 2007 10:10am

Abaracadabra! Stand by to be spellbound as Stephen Mulhern returns with more magic and hidden camera antics that promises to shock and stun viewers and celebs taking part, willing or otherwise!

Stephen makes Phillip Schofield speechless after performing some Tricky magic…

We attempt a fantastic illusion with some help from a Bird of Prey!
Some wicked wind-up victims get some work experience Tricky style, and high above the London Skyline, Stephen performs an amazing levitation trick.

The hidden cameras start recording and we give some victims a shock in our wicked wind-up library and we also reveal some Tricky magic just for you so you can impress your mates.

Stand by to be amazed as Stephen Mulhern (MOM, Animals Do The Funniest Things) presents a brand new magic and hidden camera show that promises to shock and stun viewers and the celebrities taking part.

This is the first time magic and wind-ups have been put together on a show especially formulated for kids.

He might be disguised as the loudest librarian in Leeds one day, or a useless ice cream seller in a busy shopping centre in Manchester the next. And who knows what will happen when London Zoo allows Stephen, masquerading as a bumbling, ageing zoo keeper, to mind the insect house?

Tricky TV will also bring you some of the coolest magic tricks around, but with a twist: each week Stephen will teach viewers exactly how some of them are done, so that they can then use them to fool their friends and family. He will also be tricking celebrities, including Jennifer Ellison, Rachel Stevens, Joe Pasquale, Bradley Walsh, Jack Osbourne and Peter Andre, by performing some amazing card tricks and disappearing acts with them.

Stephen says: “Tricky TV was such a great laugh to make and it was a good challenge to come up with so many tricks. One of my favourites was when we visited a school and I made all the teachers disappear – the class couldn’t believe it! I had a great time winding the celebrities up too, though I should add that they were all good sports to take part and trust me in the first place!”

You never know what’s going to happen next on Tricky TV – anything is possible! Set to hypnotize and mesmerize ages 7-12.

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