Street Crime Live - Monday November 5

street crime live (1/8)
monday november 5

Donal MacIntyre presents this exciting new crimefighting series which puts the viewer on the police frontline in cities across the UK.

Each week the show transmits live from the streets where the crimes actually take place –Donal could be in the back of a police car, the middle of a crime scene, in the thick of a bustling incident room, or patrolling the toughest neighbourhoods. He is assisted throughout the series by expert reporter Laura Richards, a criminal psychologist who has ten years of experience working for the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office.

Unique in its genre, Street Crime Live provides a nationwide look at the key crime issues of the day from the perspective of all those involved –police, victims and perpetrators – through access to Britain’s inner city crime units. The series also features urgent police appeals and minidocumentaries covering a variety of crime-related stories. Other regular features include the pick of the most extreme national and international CCTV crime footage, and the road testing of state-ofthe-art anti-crime technology.

The key aim of the programme is to engage a younger audience, mainly the 16-24 age group. These are the very people who tend to commit, witness and fall victim to crime –yet do not normally watch conventional crime programmes or engage with the police.

Each programme explores a different theme and visits a different location in Britain. The opening edition focuses on teenage gang violence and comes live from London, where 20 teenagers have been murdered so far this year.

Also in the first instalment, a young gang member from South London explains how easy it is to get sucked into a violent gang culture –and how hard it is to get out. An ex-gang member, a cousin of the notorious Preddie brothers, talks about how he has turned his life around. And Donal joins the Met for a hands-on taste of their latest anti-gang operations and anti-knife initiatives.

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  • dennis steven robinson

    if the laws in this country punished offenders then the crime rate would be halved overnight most deffinately.RESIDENT OF GRIMSBY UNFORTUNATELY EXCELLENT PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTING THE YOB CULTURE.THANKS.

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