Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 8:00pm

Following yesterday’s revelation, Inspector Gina Gold questions Vince Murray.

Following yesterday’s revelation, Inspector Gina Gold (Roberta Taylor) questions why Vince Murray (Nicky Henson), responsible for the bank robbery which left her and her Sergeant Tom Ryan (John Rogan) buried under rubble, risked everything by coming back to England. She visits Vince’s wife Marcie (Chrissie Cotterill) who faints at the news that Vince is alive and son, Darren (Owen Brazendale) threatens to kill his father if he ever sees him. Marcie worries how Ian Forrest’s son Kieran (Ben McKay) will react as he believes his father is in prison, when in fact he was the one killed in the robbery. As his best friend and business partner, Darren promises to let Kieran know.

DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) and PC Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) are teamed up to observe Vince and they witness him meeting with his old accomplices who have been released from prison. Whilst watching the gang, Sally is surprised when Mickey kisses her – but he insists it’s so they don’t look suspicious. When a call is made to the police about an armed robbery in the storage depot that Vince and the others are seen heading into, CO19 burst in, only to discover cheeky Vince and his cronies playing pool. At the same time, a call comes in over the radio that a robbery is taking place miles away. Further investigation soon confirms that the robbers are Darren and Kieran and the hunt is on to find them.

Sally and Mickey later find themselves at a warehouse that the suspects were seen driving to. Separating, Sally sees Darren and Kieran in their car, and chases after them alone. Terrified when Kieran traps her and points a gun to her head, she lets it slip that she knows Vince was their decoy for the robbery. Totally confused, Kieran demands to be told what she means – he still believes that Vince is dead. When the truth is revealed, he handcuffs Sally to her car and drives off with Darren, in pursuit of Vince…

This episode was written by Tom Higgins, directed by Diana Patrick and produced by Matt Strevens.

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