Angelo's - Friday November 30


Five’s new home-grown sitcom continues tonight. Set in a greasy spoon in London’s Trafalgar Square, Angelo’s follows the fortunes of a group of misfits, wannabes and losers including Italian owner Angelo and his truculent daughter Maria. In this episode, Angelo sets up a suggestion box for his customers; Maria is shocked to hear of Mickey’s infidelity; Shelley tracks down her old boyfriend and Karen thinks she might be pregnant.

Feeling charitable, Angelo decides to leave a suggestion box for his customers, inviting their comments on how to improve his café. However, his benign mood is replaced by one of muted wrath when the suggestions prove to be less than positive. Just who had the cheek to write, “You should shave that beerd off, it’s unhighgenic” on one slip of paper? A vexed Angelo tries to identify his illiterate critic by tricking regular customer Russell into providing him with a handwriting sample – to no avail. Fortunately, there is at least one helpful proposal in the box, and before long Angelo has introduced a new three-egg breakfast by “popular demand”.

Elsewhere, Alicia has decided to come clean and admit that she and Mickey shared an intimate moment round the back of the local Tesco Metro. Or, at least, admit that Mickey shared an intimate moment with somebody. “Mickey’s cheating on you,” she tells Maria, before encouraging her to forget about him. Maria will not be placated, however, and starts swearing violent revenge on Mickey and his mystery girl. “Don’t be a mental ‘Trisha’ person, okay?” Alicia says in alarm. “That’s negative energy. You’ve got to get a hobby or something.”

Undeterred, a furious Maria confronts Mickey in the café, forcing Kris to intervene. The gold-suited mime artist almost comes to blows with Mickey when he stands up for Maria and asks him to leave. Maria seems to respond well to Kris’s chivalry, prompting him to go overboard in his attempts to impress her. “Do you want me to rough him up?” he asks. Maria takes him up on the offer, and before long, mild-mannered Kris is wrestling with Mickey in the middle of Trafalgar Square, only for them to be separated by Karen and Dave. Kris returns battered and bruised to the café, keen to let Maria know of Mickey’s fate. “I’m pleased to say he’s being detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure,” he announces. “He’s at Buckingham Palace?” Maria replies.

The problems in Maria’s love life serve to remind Shelley of her own. She proudly presents Maria and Alicia with a photo of her “fella”. “I’ve not been able to see him for a while because the courts wouldn’t let me,” she explains, before tearing the man’s wife out of the picture. “I just drive round his area everyday, hoping I’ll catch him,” she adds. “It’s so romantic.” Later that day, Shelley accosts her beau, Mike, in the street – much to his obvious dismay. But as Mike struggles to get away, Shelley implores him to give her a second – or even a first – chance. Will she snag her man?

Also this week, Karen tells Dave she thinks she might be pregnant at long last. She gets so carried away with the idea that she ignores Dave’s suggestion that she buy a pregnancy test to make sure. “A woman just knows,” Karen tells him. Is the patter of tiny feet on the way?

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