Angels of Jarm - Sunday December 2 - Friday December 7

angels of jarm
new coat (13/40)

Continuing on Milkshake! today is the colourful animation set in the fictional town of Jarm. The action takes place in a playgroup populated by young children of various different skin colours, religions and backgrounds. When the children encounter everyday problems –like fights over toys or prayers –an angel comes down from the clouds to help, travelling via the rainbow-coloured Celestial Highway. A host of familiar voices can be heard throughout the series, as the Milkshake! presenters lend their vocal talents to the characters.

The Angels –Ellie, Mick and Rafe –live in a silver bullet caravan above a cloud with their leader, Gabrielle. Sharing attributes from different faiths, the Angels live in harmony and know exactly what to do to prevent conflict in the Jarm playgroup. With a multi-faith focus on morality, the series covers every aspect of life, emphasizing that diversity and difference are to be welcomed. Each episode is packed with stories, songs and fun!

In today’s episode, Jess has a beautiful new coat and Bindi is jealous of it. When Angel Ellie arrives and lends Bindi her own lovely coat, Bindi soon learns that worrying about the coat stops her from having fun.

Tomorrow’s episode is ‘Fatima’s Mum’. Wendy is scared of Fatima’s mum because of the clothes she wears –but Angel Mick arrives to teach Wendy that it is not how people look or dress that matters, it is how nice they are on the inside.

Tuesday’s episode is ‘Don’t Touch!’, in which Penny calls in on Murali. The children are warned not to touch anything in the kitchen, but Penny decides she wants to do some baking. Angel Rafe arrives to prevent some nasty accidents!

In ‘Singing Angel’, on Wednesday, the children are worried about having to sing in class. Angel Ellie visits Wendy and helps to build up her confidence. Will Wendy’s new-found confidence rub off on the other children?

Thursday’s episode is ‘Symbols’. The children are drawing stars. When Aaron draws one with six points, the others laugh and tell him stars only have five points. Angel Mick arrives to teach them that the six-pointed star is a symbol of Aaron’s faith.

Rounding off the week’s episodes on Fridayis ‘Pick Me!’. The children are playing volleyball but no-one will pick David for their team. Angel Rafe arrives and finds another game for David to play. Soon the other children are desperate to join in!

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