Coming Soon on FIVE - The Spice Girls on Trial

the spice girls on trial

Does the world really need another dose of the Spice Girls? This is the question addressed by a groundbreaking interactive documentary coming soon to Five, which will culminate in a live vote timed to coincide with the UK leg of the group’s comeback tour in December 2007.

The programme analyses the Spice Girls’ contribution to popular culture and asks how much impact their music and personalities have had on our world. In order to tackle these weighty issues, The Spice Girls on Trial combines interviews with key witnesses like former manager Chris Herbert with contributions from a range of diverse commentators, including Germaine Greer and Peaches Geldof. Can the tabloids’ constant reporting of the Spice Girls’ lives be seen as the starting point of today’s celebrity-crazed culture?

The 60-minute programme will culminate in a viewers’ vote in which the audience must decide what they think of the Spice Girls. Were they basically a good thing, creating some of the best pop music of the 90s and providing great role models for young girls? Or were they the starting point for our inane obsession with celebrity culture and plastic pop music?

The Spice Girls on Trial will also examine the Girls’ mantra of ‘Girl Power’, asking whether it had any substance or was actually just marketing, and considers the upcoming comeback tour. Is this a welcome return for the pop culture phenomenon of the 90s –or a chance for a few tired old hasbeens to make some money?

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