funky valley - NEW SERIES - Monday November 26 - Friday November 30

funky valley
buster’s magic rabbit (1/14)

Beginning on Five this morning is a brand new series of the colourful, texture-rich animation based at a crazy farm called Funky Valley. Aimed at a preschool audience, the stories centre around the madcap antics of a group of animal misfits, whose behaviour is watched over by the parental figures of the sun and the moon. Among the quirky characters featured in the series are Clara the bossy hen, Dippy the forgetful cow, Norris the naughty rat, Amadeus the wise old wolf and Chipolata the cream cake-loving pig.

When the Amazing Buster tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat in this morning’s episode, he and most of his friends disappear! Can Clara save the day with a piece of carrot cake?

Tuesday’s episode, ‘Sleepy Spike’, finds Spike the hedgehog looking forward to the Funky Valley games. However, the games are being held in the summer and Spike must hibernate!

On Wednesday, in ‘Dippy’s Wicket’, star batsman Angus leaves his cricket team in trouble when his car breaks down on the way to a match. Captain Horatio is left with no choice but to put Dippy in to bat…

Thursday’s instalment is ‘Funky Festival’. Ralph wants to play at the Funky Festival, so he prevents the other acts from turning up. But when Amadeus is called in to troubleshoot, he finds the missing performers and his band plays until bedtime.

And rounding off the week’s episodes on Friday is ‘Hoot Dun It?’ When a piece of cheese goes missing from the Funky Valley Cheese Festival, Hoot opens a detective agency to get to the bottom of the mystery. Do some of the other animals know more than they are letting on?

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