Hannah Montana - Sunday November 18

hannah montana
ooo, ooo itchy woman (9/26);
o say, can you remember the words? (10/26)

This hit Disney series stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart –a girl who leads a dramatic double life. Miley has moved to Malibu from Tennessee, where she is a successful pop singer called Hannah Montana, but she elects to hide her career from her new friends.

The series follows Miley as she balances her extraordinary dual identity. By day, she negotiates the pitfalls of school life and by night, she is an international singer with a blonde wig and glitzy pop star persona.

Miley is helped by her two new best friends, Lilly and Oliver, who are the only people at school who know her secret. She can also count on the support of her dad and manager, Robby –played by the actress’s real-life father, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus.

In the first episode of today’s double bill, Miley, Lilly and Oliver get revenge on Amber and Ashley during a camping trip, but what they do rebounds on Miley in her Hannah Montana identity. Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby contend with a mouse problem.

In today’s second episode, Oliver is upset when he overhears Miley saying she does not want him to help with the drama class performance because he gets stage fright. Then, as Hannah Montana, she gets stage fright herself and forgets the words to the national anthem during a televised Lakers’ game. Elsewhere, when Jackson’s boss pays him to get rid of candy addict Rico’s sugary stash after a bad trip to the dentist, Jackson finds himself getting even more addicted than Rico!

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