Hannah Montana - Sunday November 25

hannah montana
oops! i meddled again (11/26);
on the road again (12/26)

This hit Disney series stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart –a girl who leads a dramatic double life. Miley has moved to Malibu from Tennessee, where she is a successful pop singer called Hannah Montana, but she elects to hide her career from her new friends.

The series follows Miley as she balances her extraordinary dual identity. By day, she negotiates the pitfalls of school life and by night, she is an international singer with a blonde wig and glitzy pop star persona.

Miley is helped by her two new best friends, Lilly and Oliver, who are the only people at school who know her secret. She can also count on the support of her dad and manager, Robby –played by the actress’s real-life father, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus.

In the first episode of today’s double bill, Miley and Lilly use email to respond to one of Hannah’s fans, and end up unwittingly meddling in Oliver’s love life. Meanwhile, Jackson must find ways to amuse his boss’s kid, Rico, while obliging his boss at the same time –which results in him standing on the street, dressed in a chicken costume.

In today’s second episode, Miley discovers that Robby was also a successful pop star, but he gave up his career just as it was starting. Miley convinces Robby to go back on the road, but she soon regrets her actions when her strict, overprotective bodyguard, Roxy, is left in charge. Before long, Miley and Jackson decide to sneak off to Robby’s gig in a bid to bring him home.

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