Little Princess - Tuesday November 27 - Friday November 30

little princess
i want to play in the rain (25/35)

The delightful animation narrated by Julian Clary continues its second series this week. Based on the much-loved picture books by Tony Ross, the episodes chart the adventures of Little Princess (voiced by Jane Horrocks) –a regal young lady full of energy, charm and curiosity about the world.

In today’s episode, Little Princess wants to head out into the rain to splash in the muddy puddles, but no one else in the castle wants to play with her – they would rather stay indoors and keep dry! “Indoors is boring,” sings the Princess. But when things start going wrong for her, she decides that perhaps the others might be right…

Tomorrow’s episode is ‘I Want Baked Beans’. When Little Princess discovers that she likes baked beans, she decides she wants to eat them all the time – much to the royal household’s dismay. But after a while, beans start to lose their appeal – especially when Little Princess realises that she might be turning into one!

On Thursday, in ‘I Don’t Want to Dance’, Little Princess does not want to go to her dance class – they make her dance like a butterfly! To get out of it, she sets about hiding from the maid –but on her way discovers that there is more to dancing than being a butterfly.

Rounding off the week on Fridayis ‘I Want to Go on Holiday’. When Little Princess receives a postcard from Great Aunty, she decides that she would like to go on holiday too. The trouble is, the rest of the household is busy with the spring cleaning, so the Princess has to go alone. However, will a holiday with no one to play with be any fun?

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