Most Evil - Friday November 9

most evil
deadly desires (6/6)

This documentary series delves inside the minds of murderers in an attempt to find out why they kill. In each programme, Dr Michael Stone, a forensic psychiatrist at New York City’s Columbia University, considers killers and places them on his ‘most evil’ scale, which he has devised to categorise murderers. In tonight’s series finale, Dr Stone explores the cases of killers with the most evil desires, including Jerome Brudos, Jeffrey Dahmer and Westley Dodd.

Tonight’s programme attempts to understand the motivation behind some of the world’s most deviant killers – men who committed the most unthinkable crimes, including torture and murder. The first case under Dr Stone’s microscope is that of Jerome Brudos, who killed four women in Oregon in the late 1960s and strung them up in his workshop to assault their bodies.

Dr Stone maintains that Brudos’s actions stemmed from a childhood shoe fetish, which was brutally suppressed by his mother. “By punishing her son, she made the objects more tantalising for Brudos,” says Dr Stone. Brudos developed a full-blown shoe obsession, before turning his attention to the women who wore them. Before long, his dark fantasies led to acts of violence and, finally, murder.

Another of Brudos’s traits was his penchant for keeping his victims’ body parts as souvenirs. “In Brudos’s mind, the victim’s body is an object, a forbidden trophy to collect – just like his first pair of shoes,” Dr Stone says. This habit of collecting souvenirs eventually helped secure his conviction.

The second killer under the spotlight is Jeffrey Dahmer, another deviant murderer whose insecurities developed in childhood. In 1991, Dahmer confessed to killing, dismembering and eating the flesh of 17 young men – most of them in a four-year period. Police only became aware of Dahmer’s killing spree when one man managed to escape his clutches.

Dahmer’s gruesome desires were hatched out of feelings of abandonment when his parents divorced. He murdered his first victim at the age of 18, then waited a further nine years before launching his killing spree. Dahmer’s methods included boiling the skin off his victims’ heads and retaining their skulls as trinkets. “I just wanted to have the person under my complete control and keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part,” Dahmer said in an interview before his death in jail. He also conducted experiments on his victims by pouring acid into their skulls, in an attempt to create zombie-like sex slaves.

Dahmer pleaded not guilty on grounds of insanity, but the jury found him sane and guilty, and he was sentenced to 15 life terms in 1992. The disturbed killer pledged to talk to doctors who might be able to discover what drove his deadly desires. “I did what I did not for reasons of hate,” he said. “I hated no one. I was sick or evil, or both.” For the unimaginable suffering that he inflicted on his victims, Dahmer wins the highest rating of 22 on Dr Stone’s scale.

The third featured murderer in tonight’s episode is Westley Dodd, who molested numerous children over the course of 13 years, before committing three murders. Like Jerome Brudos and Jeffrey Dahmer, Dodd had unresolved issues from childhood. “The crimes of Westley Dodd are so cruel, so meticulous and brutal that he’d be considered as one of the most deviant, most evil killers,” says Dr Stone. Because Dodd targeted children and subjected them to prolonged torture, he too earns a place at the highest end of the scale of evil.

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    if you had the ability , or persay the mental strength to overcome the “morals” that people have always worshipped, to set them aside for a moment to realize that some people dont see taking a life as any different from creating one. both have an exhilarating feeling , only one is in the negative ultimate fear of man- the unknown and that which it doesnt understand. these people see themselves a higher being because by all laws of nature they are, the predator is higher up on the foodchain than the prey right? well if we as homo sapiens are the top of the top, and the standard of livng is supposedly to be meek and mild then a predatory human is above the prey. not that means its right as we have concious thought to decide and debate our actions.

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