Street Crime Live - Monday December 3

street crime live (5/8)

Donal MacIntyre presents this exciting crimefighting series which puts the viewer on the police frontline in cities across the UK. Tonight, the programme comes live from Southampton, where Donal explores the high rate of vehicle crime involving the city’s youths. He travels with the Roads Policing Unit, meets local firefighters and learns about new technology employed to defeat car thieves. The programme also hears testimony from street racers and victims of drink driving.

Each week Street Crime Live broadcasts from the streets where the crimes actually take place. Donal is on location in the thick of the action – whether it be the back of a police car, the middle of a crime scene, a bustling incident room, or on foot patrolling the roughest neighbourhoods. He is assisted by Laura Richards, a criminal psychologist who has ten years of experience working for the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office.

This week, Donal and Laura are in Southampton to examine the prevalence of vehicle crime in Hampshire, focusing particularly on the involvement of young people. They look at how stealing cars and bikes has become part of the culture on the city’s toughest estates. Donal goes out on patrol with Hampshire’s Roads Policing Unit in Hedge End in search of boy racers, and Laura hears from a drink drive victim.

Further testimony comes from 16-year-old Phil Lodwidge, who is trying to turn his life around after growing up joyriding mopeds on his estate. Donal also goes inside the world of car cruising, street racing and ‘drifting’ with Southampton speed freaks Trix and Dan, and the show goes out on patrol with the UK’s first Impaired Driver Unit.

Elsewhere in the programme, Donal and Laura join Redbridge Fire Service at their base in one of the most deprived areas of Southampton, where they deal with frequent calls to car fires and racing accidents. Plus, the local police show off their latest seizure of ‘mini-motos’ –small, illegal motorcycles popular among children –before sending them to the crusher. The cops then demonstrate how Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is catching criminals on the back foot.

Street Crime Live also continues its regular features, including police appeals, a roundup of crime stories and the most extreme CCTV footage.

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