Street Crime Live - Monday November 19

street crime live (3/8)

Donal MacIntyre presents this exciting crimefighting series which puts the viewer on the police frontline in cities across the UK. Tonight, the programme comes live from Edinburgh, where Donal and psychologist Laura Richards explore the issues surrounding drink-related crime and knife culture.

Each week, Street Crime Live broadcasts from the streets where the crimes actually take place. Donal is on location in the thick of the action – whether it be the back of a police car, the middle of a crime scene, or on foot patrolling the roughest neighbourhoods. He is assisted by expert reporter Laura Richards, a criminal psychologist who has ten years of experience working for the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office.

This week, Donal and Laura are north of the border to examine the crime situation in Scotland’s capital city. They will be looking at the topic of drink-related violence and how it affects young people in particular. Laura gets the lowdown from one of Scotland’s top cops, detective chief superintendent John Carnochan, head of the country’s Violence Reduction Unit, while Donal goes out on patrol with the police.

Elsewhere in the programme, Donal and Laura join Lothian and Borders’ Youth Action Teams in north Edinburgh. The YATs are designed to tackle the problem of crime at its roots, building relationships with the young people in an attempt to make sure they do not become part of tomorrow’s statistics. In addition, the show links up with Edinburgh’s central CCTV control centre for constant updates throughout the programme.

The prevalence of knife culture among Scottish young people is another topic under discussion in tonight’s programme, with a special report from inside one of Scotland’s toughest prisons, Polmont Young Offenders Institute. A young man who was jailed for a violent assault talks about the part that drink played in his offence, while stabbing victim Steven Hughes reveals how a random attack ripped his life apart.

Street Crime Live also continues its regular features, including urgent police appeals, a roundup of crime stories and the pick of the most extreme national and international CCTV footage.

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  • Anonymous

    This show is great. but who is that laura bird? she as got the personality of a wet fish..PLEASE bring someone more interesting on????

  • Crime Enthusiast

    Well I think she’s actually quite good – and a good foil to the ego that is Donal McIntyre.
    If this sort of show is to have any credibility (this is C5 afterall), then it needs to increase the lengths of her interviews, so it comes across as an intelligent crime reportage show.
    Clearly you’re the only wet fish around here – in any case, what’s wrong with wet fish, aren’t fish supposed to be wet. They live in the sea – you’re clearly stupid aswell as having a poor critical eye.

  • Anonymous

    Hi does anyone know if you can see the episode from Edinburgh again as i missed it and wanted to see it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it would ever come across as intelligent. At least Donal’s worthy of having an ego. You’re clearly deluded as well as having a blind critical eye.

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