Angelo's - Friday December 14


Five’s home-grown sitcom continues tonight. Set in a greasy spoon in London’s Trafalgar Square, Angelo’s follows the fortunes of a group of misfits, wannabes and losers. In this episode, Angelo weighs up an offer to buy his café; Maria alienates her friends by falling in with a group of art students; Kris avoids an old acquaintance; and Karen and Dave attend Kevin’s party.

Angelo and his fellow café owners are attending a presentation by Café Mania, a franchise company with designs on London’s greasy spoons. But the fancy charts and business jargon prove too complicated for the humble proprietors, who have no idea what the speaker is talking about. Back at the café, Angelo tells Russell he is unsure about whether or not to sell his establishment. “I don’t even know if I’m ready to give all this up,” he says. “I mean, cooking is my life.”

For her part, Maria cannot wait to see her father cash in and accept Café Mania’s money. In the meantime, she has made friends with a bunch of trendy art students who seem to love her every inane utterance. Mickey is blunt in his assessment of her new pals: “They look like a pack of tw*ts,” he tells her. Maria is incensed by Mickey’s opinion and throws him out of the café. “He is so dumped, I swear!” she declares. Alicia is quick to follow him when she tries to make Maria see the students are patronising her. “They’re making a fool of you,” she says, before she too is sent packing.

Maria is happy to continue hanging around with her new friends, but fails to foresee their reaction when she mentions that her father is about to sell Angelo’s to Café Mania. “Are you serious?” one student asks her. “Café Mania are scum. You’ve got to talk your dad out of it.” The students attempt to give Maria a lesson in the evils of globalisation, whilst praising the quaint, earthy qualities of Angelo’s. “But it’s a dump,” Maria replies. However, she soon comes round to the idea of saving the café from corporate takeover – just as her father reaches a similar decision.

Elsewhere, Kris is crestfallen when he runs into Paul, an old buddy from acting school, on the bus. Desperate to hide the fact he is working as a human statue in Trafalgar Square, Kris pretends he is on his way to an audition – in costume. But the pretence becomes harder to maintain when Paul runs into him again outside Angelo’s.

Meanwhile, Dave and Karen attend a party thrown by Dave’s brother, Kevin (Paul Kaye), where Karen gets a sharp reminder that her biological clock is ticking. She retires to a bedroom upstairs, sobbing, and finds Kevin more than willing to provide a shoulder to cry on. “Dave doesn’t understand you,” he purrs in her ear. “But I do. I keep telling you, it’s never too late.” Will Karen succumb to temptation and allow Dave’s randy brother to lend a hand in their fertility struggle?

Also this week, Shelly arranges to meet a man who left his wallet in her cab. And hapless Russell gets involved in an employment opportunity otherwise known as “the envelope scam”.

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