Angelo's - Friday December 21


Five’s home-grown sitcom concludes tonight. Set in a greasy spoon in London’s Trafalgar Square, Angelo’s follows the fortunes of a group of misfits, wannabes and losers. In this episode, Angelo plans a mural for the cafe; Maria’s modelling career gets off to a rocky start at the student fashion show; Shelley and Alicia form an unlikely bond; and Karen has some news for Dave.

Angelo has decided to turn down Café Mania’s proposal to buy his café and instead makes plans to improve his humble establishment. “I’ve got a lot of ambition for this place,” he tells Russell. “I’ve always wanted a mural but I’ve never had the guts to do it.” Angelo sketches out a design for his painting that includes the Queen Mum, Diana and David Jason looking down on some of the café’s regular customers – although Russell would prefer not to be immortalised on the wall, for fear his wife might see it. “If Christine ever happened to come in, she might think I was leading a double life or something,” he says anxiously.

Lovelorn Kris, meanwhile, continues his campaign to woo Maria. “You look nice,” he says. “Thanks. I can’t say the same back,” she replies. Kris is surprised to hear that Maria has put her singing on hold to concentrate on her modelling career. She is about to appear at a fashion show for her art student friends, and agrees to let Kris come along if he pays the taxi fare. But Maria’s dreams of catwalk acclaim sour when she sees that the other models are a mixture of drunks, tramps and drug addicts. She is even less impressed by the outfit she has to wear – a burkastyle robe with a clown face and pointy cones on her bra. “I look mental!” she exclaims.

Maria storms out of the show, furious with the students for using her and with Kris for laughing at her. “They made a total fool of me!” she says. Maria turns to her dad for comfort, and tells him she has changed her mind about staying in the café. “Can’t we just sell the café? I hate it here!” she cries. Angelo gives in to his daughter’s request – against his better judgment – and agrees to sell up to Café Mania. When word spreads that Maria is moving away, both Kris and Mickey feel compelled to declare their feelings for her. But who will get the girl?

Elsewhere, Alicia is still being ignored by Maria, so she strikes up a conversation with Shelley. Before long, the unhinged taxi driver is telling her about how she ran over a cat the night before. “I think it was my fault because I was a bit drunk,” Shelly confesses, before revealing that the RSPCA ambulance crew told her the cat was in fact a rat. “Which was weird, because I was sure I was stroking a cat,” she says.

Shelley’s story does not put Alicia off agreeing to go to a club with her, but their fledging friendship falls apart en route when Shelley explains the precise nature of the club. They are going to the “Wood Green Promise Keepers Club”, where the only rule is “you have to have your cherry in place”. A doubtful Alicia thinks she might not be eligible to join the club’s only two members. “I haven’t kept a promise since I was, like, 12,” she says.

Also this week, Dave gets to the bottom of Karen’s tetchy behaviour when he sees a pregnancy test confirming that his wife is – at long last – expecting. But a somewhat subdued Karen takes some time to warm to the idea. “It’s brilliant news,” she mutters, before adding, “it’s definitely yours.” What secret could she be hiding?

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