Beyond the Break - Sunday December 23

beyond the break
bird and the bees (10/20)

The teen shows continue this morning with Beyond the Break. The drama transports viewers to Makaha, Hawaii where four girls have been given the opportunity of a lifetime – to become world-class professional surfers.

Dawn, Birdie, Lacey and Kai move to the beautiful tropical island when they are sponsored by surf company WaveSync to train with Justin, a former tour champion, for the Pro-Surfing tour. The girls soon learn what it means to be on a team –and embark on new lives with as much excitement and danger as the unpredictable ocean waves.

In today’s instalment, Dawn sets Shoe up on a date, while Bailey reveals that he has feelings for Birdie. Marcus is becoming even more concerned about how close Bailey and Birdie have grown, because he is in love with Birdie and afraid of losing her.

Meanwhile, Kai is starting to come out of her shell and is being more aggressive and flirtatious with Vin. All that she has ever wanted is finally happening –but at what cost?

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