Californication - Thursday December 20

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Continuing tonight is the US comedy-drama about a jaded New York novelist who relocates to Hollywood after his best-seller is made into a hit film. Tonight, Becca makes a decision about her future; Mia receives a great deal of interest in the novella she claims to have written; and Hank finally realises what has happened to his manuscript.

Hank’s relationships with the various women in his life are once again the centre of attention this week, as his daughter, his ex-girlfriend and his teenage nemesis put him through a range of contrasting emotions. After a day out with Becca, Hank arrives at Karen’s house to find her and Mia trying on their wedding outfits. At that moment, Bill arrives and prompts Karen to run behind a screen so that he cannot see the dress. “You know what’s worse luck?” Hank calls after her. “Getting married itself!”

Before Hank can leave, Becca insists she talk to her parents together about “family stuff”. “I want to live with Dad,” she reveals, frankly. Hank protests that this is the first he has heard of the idea, but Karen is unconvinced and storms off. Becca then storms off herself when Hank asks her if she has thought her decision through. Bill follows Karen inside and Mia and Hank are left alone. “I’m going to need some help getting out of this dress,” she says. “And then there was one,” is Hank’s response as he too flees the scene.

That night, Bill comforts Karen by assuring her that Becca will return as soon as her father lets her down. “We’re talking about Hank here –how long can that possibly take?” he asks. But Karen is still upset and cries as she and Mia help Becca pack. It is not until Karen has left the room, however, that Becca reveals the reasoning behind her decision. “I’m not going to live with my dad because it’s fun,” she says. “I’m going because I have to.” With her mother soon to be married to Bill and her father still unable to produce any work, Becca is worried that Hank is about to hit rock bottom.

Upon learning that he is about to have his daughter back, Hank meets Charlie in a restaurant to tell him that he must move into a hotel. “I’ll miss the camaraderie,” is Charlie’s response. “But that stain in your bedroom was really starting to unnerve me!” The two then move onto the contentious issue of writing. “How come you never told me that Bill’s little Lolita of a daughter was a writer?” Charlie asks. “Because I don’t use that term lightly,” says Hank. “Everybody says they are a writer in this town!” However, Hank soon changes his tune when he reads some of Mia’s work and recognises it as his own. He jumps up from the table, knocking his chair over in the process, and walks away.

Later, Hank bursts into his agent’s office and interrupts a meeting between Charlie, Dani, Mia and Victoria –a publisher from New York. A furious Hank demands a talk with Mia alone, but she refuses. Victoria, meanwhile, tells Hank that Mia may have written the “book of the year”. “It’s like your early stuff,” she tells him. “But not so juvenile.” When the meeting is over, Hank meets Mia in the street and confronts her once more. “You f**ked me and you didn’t want anything to do with me,” she says. “So this is your revenge?” he replies. “You’re some kind of feminist caped crusader!”

Back in the office, Dani reveals that she has high hopes for Mia’s novella. “The girl’s going to sell five million copies based on the jacket photo alone,” she tells Charlie. It is only at this point that Charlie sits down to read the manuscript –and immediately recognises it as Hank’s work. “I loved your new novel,” he tells the author when he next sees him, prompting Hank to hug him in relief.

However, Charlie’s discovery is not all good news for Hank. Now that he knows who really wrote the novella, Charlie realises that Hank must have slept with the 16-year-old Mia. “You’ve done some f**ked up sh*t in your time,” he says. “But I didn’t think you’d do that.” Charlie offers to take the book out of circulation, but Hank reveals that Mia has him over a barrel. Either the book is published with her as author, or Hank’s dark secret will be revealed…

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