Heartbeat - Farewell Phil - Monday 24 December

Heartbeat – Farewell Phil
Monday 24 December 2007 8:00pm – 8:30pm on ITV1.

After 16 years it’s finally time to bid a fond farewell to Heartbeat’s PC Phil Bellamy. Heartbeat: Farewell Phil looks at the highs and lows of Bellamy’s life in Aidensfield, from the joy of finding love, to the loss of his only son. Mark Jordon is there to take us every step of the way.

On the 10th April 1992 the nation were introduced to PC Phil Bellamy for the first time. The youngest constable at Aidensfield, Bellamy often landed himself in more trouble than he could cope with, but with a good heart he always worked hard to do the right thing.

Heartbeat: Farewell Phil will take you back to those first days when a baby-faced Bellamy worked tirelessly to keep law and order in Aidensfield. Teaming up with PC Alf Ventress, the pair soon struck up a strong friendship that would last many years both on and off screen. Their shenanigans often went unnoticed by Sergeant Blaketon, but when he did find out Bellamy could always count on getting a ticking off.

Bellamy never stopped trying to find someone special and he certainly had his fair share of women over the years, but only one girl truly had his heart. After 14 years of an on-off relationship in 2007 viewers were finally rewarded with the marriage of Gina and Phil. As the snow fell the village gathered to watch Gina and Phil exchange vows in what they thought would be the couple’s final happy ending.

Courageous in every way, Bellamy often placed himself in the line of fire. As a person he always did what he felt was right and if that meant risking life and limb to save others, he would. On one occasion though, his efforts were in vain when PC Steve Crane fell to his death. His determination to carry out justice leads him to rescue a young school boy, with devastating consequences and a final goodbye.

The programme features interviews with Mark Jordon (PC Phil Bellamy), Tricia Penrose (Gina Bellamy), Derek Fowlds (Oscar Blaketon), Steven Blakeley (PC Geoff Younger), Gwen Taylor (Peggy Armstrong), Niamh Cusack (Kate Rowan) and Jonathan Kerrigan (PC Rob Walker).

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  • Linda

    We stumbled over this by accident!!!! Heartbeat is no longer shown in Australia due to poor ratings. Is there anyone out there that has this episode on dvd or video so that we can see it! Desperate for any assistance for this episode and of any others (especially Gina and Phil’s wedding).

  • Anonymous

    I was so gutted when i saw that final moment. I was nearly crying my self after he as been on the show for years. Whats going to be next venteras is going to die or something!!!!

  • Arthur

    5th May 2010

    Heartbeat is now on 7Two Saturday and Monday nights here in Australia The one I saw this evening is when Phil has what seems a heart attack whilst in chase after a van. So we may see this episode.

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