Lose 30 Stone or Die - Tuesday 18 December

Lose 30 Stone or Die
Tuesday 18 December 2007 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

Lose 30 Stone or Die is a unique film about a man who is so overweight that his own body is going to kill him within a year, and his painful struggle to reclaim his life. Thirty-six-year-old Colin weighs 48 stone and is a prisoner in his own home because his weight means he can’t even manage to walk more than a few steps.

He is in constant pain, has severe difficulty breathing during the night, needs someone to dress him each day and feels so low he has contemplated suicide.

Doctors have warned Colin that unless he loses weight, he will die. Lose 30 Stone or Die is a poignant and moving account of Colin’s battle to lose the pounds. In emotional scenes, Colin is seen as he prepares to undergo a series of major operations to reduce his stomach and drastically cut his weight.

Colin and his family talk candidly about the distress his weight problem has caused. His mum reveals how she has sold her house in a final effort to raise the money for Colin’s surgery.

The film also uncovers what lies behind Colin’s weight problem: a troubled family history. He says that he used to be very fit and healthy, but reveals how drug and alcohol problems in his early twenties sent his weight spiralling out of control.

He says: “People look at me and say, ‘he must be greedy and eat loads’, but I don’t. I am in constant pain with my back and my legs. I dream of coming through the operation. I want my life back.”

About the author

  • Anonymous

    I would just like to say that I think it is disgusting how the NHS paid for this, especially as he already proved he can lose weight without it. My father was told he needed a pacemaker, that he was at risk of death, but was then told that he couldn’t have the operation because the NHS wouldn’t pay for it, presumably its funds are all used up by either obese people or alcoholics.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah he can lose weight without the surgery, but after so long it gets harder and harder to lose weight.
    What people dont understand is how unhappy some people can be, even though it may not show on the outside, its tearing them apart!
    Fair play to him and my heart goes out to him.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody has the right to say that it is disgusting that the NHS paid for Colin’s operation. Why on earth shouldn’t they? He lives on this earth and is entitled to the same as the next person. He never asked to be born to a violent father, it is not his fault at all and the operation was a success for him – it has saved his life.

  • Lisa

    I would like to say well done Colin you have done so well. I hope you get this email personaly. You look so good. Keep up the good work.

    From Lisa x

  • Anonymous

    i was really pleased that colin was given a new lease of life. circumstances differ person to person and i think rather than being bitter as a result of personal circumstances we should be pleased for colin and be happy for him

  • georgina

    this man is only in his 30s and how nice to see him happy. just because he ate to get that fat doesnt mean it does not mean he is not entitled to help. what ever the problem, it is a problem to that person. and you cannot say he did not try

  • Anonymous

    I would like to say a huge well done to Colin! It was a painful journey to watch and I hate to think what it was like for him. With such a supportive family he was never going to lose and I really hope he does find his wife as I thought he looked hot at the end of the documentary!
    It’s a shame people feel they have to post such negative opinions on this page when the programme delivered such a positive message.

  • helen harding

    I watched you this evening colin and i have been truly moved by your documentary.First of all i want to say WOW! and well done.Even when someone is very overweight you can see their heart within and i believe whole heartedly that you earnt the right to have the help you so desperately needed and deseverved.

    I have suffered with my weight since i was 16 and am unfortuantely still unhappily overweight.I firmly believe that there is more than just over eating that contributes to someone being over weight as i too have had alot of emotional issues in my life which have formed my eating habits of today.

    Hopefully in the future i will have the strength to see through to my dreams to have a happy result.

    I have total admiration for you colin and hope you have a happy and healthy future.

    god bless!


  • Anonymous

    Fantastic will power, he looks so healthy. Well done!

  • emine ismail de sanchez

    well done colin. your story really moved me. i hope you find all that you are looking for. you are an inspiration to us all.

  • georgina

    and how can you say that your father (who i feel for) didnt in his life eat loads of fat that never showed up in his life because thin people eat what they want but effects there life later, i work for the health service and people who apply for a band are refused until they have been on a 3 months life style and proved to lose weight

  • helen harding

    Oh and i forgot to say if you fancy a date ring me!!!lol

  • Orla

    I have struggled with my weight all my life and recently lost almost 9 stone but have struggled and put about 1 stone back on, watching Colin’s story has given me the strength to realise I can keep this weight off and be happy/ content with myself. I believe Colin is a very brave man for going through with the op and also sharing his story with the nation. My heart goes out to Colin and thank you for sharing your story.

  • Christine

    Well done to Colin. Thought this documentary was really informative and told a very moving story. Think Colin did amazingly well and has a fantastic loving and supportive family. I hope he finds what he is looking for in life, including a wife and maybe even children of his own. He so deserves it. Think he seems like a really nice man whith a good sense of humour. Keep up the good work and good luck for the future.

    Christine x

  • Clare

    I have to say colin inspires me. If he can lose weight after a long struggle mentally and physically, people out there who are ashamed of their selves should step out and get the most support and to get a healthy lifestyle and to fight the critisms. I am fed up of people saying that he doesn’t deserve to have NHS funding to have the Op but hes british and live here so he have got every right to have the op. What about all these people who came to live here from other countries and managed to get the free treatment. He wanted to lose weight and to be able to feel better with himself especially after the hard childhood.
    Keep going on living a life and getting married etc!! deserve it

  • Anonymous

    How dare you assume that NHS funds are being used up by obese people or alcoholics. Not all obese people or alcoholics have ‘brought it on themselves’, for some of them it is an illness and they deserve NHS treatment as much as anyone else. And no i’m not obese and i’m not an alchoholic!! Don’t be so judgemental!

  • Lisa

    It’s good to see so much support, I think the first comment was so unsupportive, you are obviously so perfect and had great life. Not all people have the rosey life you have. I admire Colin, it must have been so hard, BUT he has done it and looks so great. This life would be so much better if people could see the good in others instead of putting them down.

    WELL DONE COLIN, I hope you can now enjoy your life. And everybody else whos hearts this programme has touched.

    Merry Christmas xx

  • georgina

    im here again all i can say im a size 12 and have never realy suffered with being over weight but i can honestly say if someone said to me i had got to lose a stone in a month i would get up every morning feeling depressed, so what im saying is i admire all of you who are over weight. and are trying to lose the weight

  • Anonymous

    Well done Colin! You deserved the treatment that you got on the NHS – don’t let bitter people of this world tell you otherwise!!! I live in Runcorn and if I ever bump into you I will give you a big hug to say well done!!! I will even buy you a pint – of orange that is!!

  • georgina

    well said

  • alison

    colin you truly are an inspiration to everyone. all i can say is a huge WELL DONE. I know what its like to try to lose weight (ok not near as much as you) every pound is a struggle and to have to lose stones rather than pounds must be unthinkable. i would have loved you to say “two fingers” to the NHS and do it all by yourself but it really is easier said than done. I hope you are reading this so i can once again say congratulations on your weight loss, you really do look FANTASTIC, you appear to be a “top bloke” and its only a matter of time before you find your ideal woman and heres to many Junior Colins!!

  • Tina

    A massive well done Colin! I watched the documentry with a mixture of sadness, frustration and total admiration. Colin you have an inner strength and determination that you should be very proud of, I wish I was as driven as you haven been to reach your personal goals. Good luck for the future and I hope with all my heart that you truly find inner peace and the happiness you deserve. Congratulations once again.

    Tina xx

  • Sue

    I watched the programme last night and wated to say a huge well done to Colin. I lost 2 stone this year and know the ups and downs of trying to loss weight.

    What a fanstic guy and I wish him all the best.

  • James Antoniou

    What a fantastic achievement I was so happy at the end it was a great programme and what a truly great guy Colin is I was just so pleased for him his mother sister brother and friends,,TRULY INSPIRATIONAL

  • Peter

    Colin…………….Emotionally charged my wife & I was with you all the way, we laughed when you laughed and wept when you wept. You are an inspiration to anybody with a problem whether it be weight, smoking, or any habit that you cannot break. I am 5 stone overweight, and get Christmas out of the way, and I’m going for it. I will be 60 next year, and I’ve been overweight for the last 10 years and I’m getting more & more depressed, but after last nights programme…………you will be my guiding light.

  • gary hughes

    what happened at the end, did colin get the surgery for the excess fat removal.
    well done colin, you proved what a decent guy you are, and i agree the nhs should have helped and they were only right to review thier policies on this matter. The government and the nhs spend millions on imigrants who have never paid a penny into the system, so £10,000 is small potatoes to save a young mans life.

  • AJ


    As much as this could be labelled “Freak TV” and people just watch to gaup at how much a fatty eats etc, this program ended up being much more than the normal tosh we see, What an amazing man he was, and his will power is and should be an inspiration to all those out there who are looking for quick fixes. We spend a lot of money in this country on rehabilitating Drug users and other addicts, yet people still treat Obese people as just lazy and do not understand that some are as much addicts as smack heads. That is money well spent on allowing him to do the surgery on the NHS and considering he was prepared to fund himself originally and made the commitment of losing 10 stone before the NHS helped, is more than enough reason to help him. A genuinely good program for once, and bravo again to that man, who was a thoroughly nice guy.

  • AJ

    Typical comments of the blind hypocrasy expected from a uk citizen. Yes your father was refused a pace maker, it surely is the fault of fat people. What a load of nonsense, the funding of the NHS is a lot darker than just fat people using it all up. What about the billions spent by the NHS on smokers, the billions spent by the NHS on Road accident victims and more importantly the billions spent by the NHS on treating immigrants who use this countrys services without paying.

    Blaming fat people is a lot lower down on the list of scapegoats.

  • Andy

    Fantastic viewing. Just watched this program and had to say what great guy Colin is and how much he endured and overcame to acheive his dream.
    Colin you have more guts than I can ever dream of having. Having been turned down for the operation you so desperately wanted so many times, all the while losing ten stone just so you could get the op is beyond commendable. On top of that having your journey filmed and overcoming all the set-backs was amazing viewing. You are truly inspirational and a lovely nice guy to boot.
    I was so pleased at the end when it showed you healthy and happy having lost a whopping 32 stone. Well done to you and well done to your family for offering such amazing support while you were all dealing with demons of the past.
    One again congratulations Colin, I hope you fullfill your dreams and live the life you so rightly deserve and have fought so hard for.
    Merry Christmas!
    And to ITV, well done for showing a thought provoking and heart warming program as this. There is so little on television nowadays that leave you feeling in awe and inspired but Colin’s story did just that for me and my family. May there be more programs like this int he future broadcasting brave and teriffic people like Colin.

  • colin corfield



    little col

  • LD

    well done col like yourself I support E,F,C gotta shaved head over 30 stone and now after your program i am looking to get gastric bypass in 2008,where do i start?

  • kari-ann

    Truly inspirational story….and mmmwwwaaahhh as sexy as! Keep up the good work, you look stunning, im trying to loose weight with no success, im 6 stone overweight!
    I wish i had your willpower….pass some over to me please…..hehe
    Good luck for your future and i hope you get what you want out of life!

  • Sharon

    What a fantastic programme! Colin your such a lovely man – I wish you all the best for the future. Infact your whole family are tremendous. I love the way they all rallied around to look after you. Your father has a lot to answer for – but together you are obviously working your way through it. Who’d have thought at the beginning of the programme that you would have turned into such a handsome looking chap. Well done you. Sharon x

  • Simon Young

    Colin, you have opened my eyes. I used to think over weight people where lazy and disgusting; I watched with interest and during the show I even had a lump in my throat.

    I have now decided to invest my money (had a large lotto win) and help a local group that deals with weight problems locally.

    If it wasn’t for you my views wouldn’t have changed. May your God help you on your pathway and give you what you’ve asked for (wife and children).

    Good luck in what ever you due and thank you for changing my life.


  • Katy

    I saw Colin’s story on ITV2 last night, and I have to say it was amazing – what an inspiration to anyone who struggles with their weight or is unhappy about something about themselves. When the programme started I was shocked to see how big Colin was, and I did think ‘how does a person get to that size?’, but as the story unfolded I understood how Colin’s early life had affected him into adulthood, and I was with Colin every step of the way on his battle to secure his operation and regain his life. It was wonderful to see the handsome man he is emerge, and I was so pleased for Colin and his family, who were all a great support to him.

    So well done Colin, you’re an amazing person to have come through so much and to have acheived what you set out to do, and you are a testament to the value of willpower and family support. (The lady at Slimming World was great too!)

    Well done also to the programme-makers who succeeded in making a really moving and intelligent programme that sensitively explored Colin’s life story to help show why he was so big. It wasn’t at all sensational and it really showed the person behind the problem – I hope more of us will be more understanding and sympathetic about issues like this following this programme.

    Colin, I’m sure you will have inspired lots of people to make the changes they want to make so they can be happier and healthier. Keep up with the swimming and best of luck with life and love – you truly deserve to be happy! xxx

  • sherby

    Hi Colin,

    Made up you got what you needed, must have given lots of hope to many in your position, you and your family came across as lovely people so how well you’ve all done despite everything!

    Can you tell us if you’ve any plans to have your excess skin removed?

    Good luck for the future to you all,

    Clare from Liverpool

  • Sarah

    Hi Colin, Have just today seen you on Richard&Judy – WELL DONE, WELL DONE AND WELL DONE¬!!!!!! You are fantastic!!!! Keep on truckin!!

  • Colin Corfield

    Hi katy

    I would just like to say thanks for your moving comment. It blows me away to read such comments like yours , i did the documentary to show that fat people wernt just greedy and lazy, i have worked all of my life and battled with many demons that werent in the documentary and i used drink,drugs and alcohol to keep me going.I am so happy at the moment but still have a bit of a jorney to go but reading comments like yours makes it easyer.
    lots of love
    little col

  • Karan

    Hi Colin.
    Just watched you on ITV2 and just want to say a big congratulations in achieving the weight loss. I was both moved and fascinated in what you have achieved. I myself am on a journey to lose 3 stone and know how difficult it is. I am interested to know if you have had the surgery to remove the excess skin. Anyway I just want to say you looked fantastic and a big well done and all the best in whatever you do..
    Love Karan x x

  • sharon baker

    WOW…Well done Colin, you have inspired me to restart my diet. I lost 5 stone last year, but due to my partner being unwell, amongst other things, I started comfort eating again, and I put most of the weight back on. Thanks for sharing your battle with us all… May all your dreams come true..Much respect and love xxx

  • Mary

    Dear Colin,
    Just want to say like everyone before me that after watching your programme I was really amazed at how wonderful you fought your demons to get started on where you want to be. What a journey and well done. I myself have to lose about 9 stone and almost gave up hope of managing this untill i watched your your amazing achievment, I am most deffinatley not going to give up. You truelly are an inspiration to people like me and a guiding light that there is light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us and good luck and all the best for the future my friend.

    With respect to you,
    Mary. xx

  • donna

    hi think you are amazin just wanted to tell you colin well done from donna westmidsxxx my msn is sweet-Donna@hotmail.co.uk if you ever want a chatxx

  • Stathis Vasiliou

    Well done mate.Well done.I was very moved from the whole documentary.I started chanting when I saw the difference at the end.Well done mate.Your an inspiration to everyone.

    Love Stathis Vasiliou


  • Louise and Jezza

    Colin, we just wanted to say WELL DONE and what an inspiration you are to anyone who wants to change themselves for the better, whether it be physically or otherwise. Jezza had lost 8 stone about 4 years ago after his Dad underwent triple bypass surgery, going from 19 stone to 11- Jezz used to get out of breath walking upstairs, we can only imagine how hard it was for you. Sadly, Jezz’s Dad died back in 2005- Jezz decided to train for and enter the London Marathon, which he did last year and raised nearly £1,500 for the British Heart Foundation. How have you changed since the programme?

  • Amy

    Colin, I think you’re fantastic! I was so moved by the documentary that I saw last night. You are an incredibly strong person and you have done so brilliantly. I was amazed that you got all the way down to 16 stone – you looked fantastic by the end! Very proud and happy for you xxx

  • ian stirzaker

    Well done Colin. I’m proud of your achievement. I dont know if you remember our family. I used to go to Millwood school in Speke with your Raymond. He was born the day before me in Sefton General. Your mum was in the next bed to my mum. Ray followed me to Runcorn and also was in the Army cadets with me. The documentary was a surprise to me and it brought back a lot of memories of Critchley Road and going round to your house with Ray. Please say hello to him for me.
    Anyway good luck to you. I live in south Cheshire now having moved from Runcorn 5 5 years ago. Cheers mate. Ian

  • rosie

    Hi Col,

    Was so moved by watching you have saved the money and go for my op on monday 28th July. I hope I have as much success and you. Same consultant is doing my op.

  • Ash

    Dear Colin

    Hope you read this, your documentry was shown again tonight on ITV2 and I have just finished watching it!

    First of all, WELL DONE!!! you are an inspiration to so many!
    Second, I realise that you have not had the best of lifes so far, now, you look great, I hope you turn your life around, enjoy it and live it to its fullest. Try and forget the past, move on, you deserve so much more.

    I got so angry when I heard that people used to call you names..I am so glad that you have done this and proven them wrong and shown them, but most importantly, you have done this for yourself!!

    Well done again, thank you so much, I now want to get off my backside, work out and get to a more healthier weight, I have tried everything, but its never worked. Since watching you, I think this will change now!

    Thank you and well done again!


  • Jayne


    All I can say is well done mate. I new there was a good looking guy waiting to get out. Well now you have done it. Get out there and enjoy your life to the full you deserve it. Your documentry had me in tears in parts and I really felt for you. God Bless xx

    Best Wishes

  • Lucy

    Well done Colin, you did so amazingly well to start losing the weight to enable you to have your op. You are a true inspiration! My boyfriend and I were so moved watching the programme on TV last night that we had tears in our eyes by the end of it. You look great and deserve to be happy. Hope all your dreams come true. Love to you and your family. xx

  • Jean

    I am so pleased for you Col, i have just watched your documentary for the second time and its lovely to see how proud your family are of
    you, and the love they have for you throughout your long journey to happiness I am waiting for my date to go into hospital for my bypass I wish you well for the future Take care Jeanx

  • Vee Westwood

    15 April 2009
    Hi Colin,
    – just watched “Extreme Slimmers” on itv and I’m so impressed and pleased for you. Well done matey! you are so brave facing your demons like that and so publicly. You’re a real inspiration. All best wishes for the future.
    Hugs from Vee in London xxx

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