Thomas & Friends - Monday December 24 - Christmas Eve

thomas – calling all engines

Thomas fans are in for a real treat this Christmas Eve, with this special extended episode. All the trains are busy preparing for the construction of a new airport, but tension between the steam engines and the diesels threatens to ruin everything. Will they manage to pull together in time to build the airport and welcome lots of holidaymakers to Sodor?

It is summertime on Sodor, and a busy period for all the engines. At this time of the year, they collect lots of holidaymakers from the docks and show them all of the island’s spectacular sights like the seaside, the Scottish castle and the splendid Sodor suspension bridge. This summer, however, a new airport is to be built which will bring more visitors than ever before –and this means that there are lots of jobs for the excited engines to do.

Unfortunately, trouble soon starts when Arry and Bert bump into Thomas and Percy, making them cross. Thomas decides to play some jokes on Arry, Bert and Diesel, but his tricks end up causing lots of problems during the day. By the end of the day, the airport is only half-finished, the bridge isn’t painted and… Tidmouth Sheds, where the steam engines sleep, have been knocked down!

The next day, there is a new crisis: a hurricane has hit Sodor, causing untold disaster! The bridge has collapsed, the airport building site is in chaos and there is more work than ever to be done. But with the diesels and steam engines refusing to talk to each other, let alone work together, how will it all get finished in time?

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