Thomas & Friends - Monday December 31 - Friday January 4

thomas & friends
hector the horrid (7/26)

The popular children’s animation continues its new series this morning. Along with some old favourites, a number of new characters will make their debut, including Whiff the rubbish engine and a big, black truck named Hector the Horrid!

This morningthere is a double bill, beginning with ‘Hector the Horrid.’ Thomas meets a big grumpy truck called Hector the Horrid who roars at him and scares Rosie. When Thomas decides that he has had enough, he knocks Hector flying off the track –but then discovers the real reason behind Hector’s unfriendly behaviour. Following this is ‘Don’t Be Silly Billy’, in which Thomas is given the task of showing new engine Billy what to do. Billy calls Thomas a bossy engine and races away –but soon realises that he should have listened to Thomas.

Tomorrow’s episode,‘Toby’s Triumph’ sees Toby entrusted with a special job: taking opera singer Alicia Botti to a special concert. Toby is so worried about getting something wrong that he makes lots of mistakes –until he realises that he will get the job done perfectly if he calms down.

Tuesday’s episode is ‘Thomas and the Runaway Car’, in which Thomas is chosen to deliver the Fat Controller’s brand new car to the Sodor Show. When Gordon challenges him to a race, Thomas is so determined to win that he doesn’t wait for the workmen to couple up the car’s flatbed properly –and the car ends up heading down Gordon’s Hill without him!

On Wednesday, in ‘Edward and the Mail’, Edward is given the job of delivering the post. He wants to ask for help but worries that he will look silly, so ends up making a series of errors…

Thursday’s episode is ‘Thomas and the Big Bang’. At the Wharf, Thomas uses his new whistle to make the narrow gauge engines jump. Soon, everyone is joining in the fun!

Rounding off the week’s episodes on Fridayis ‘Thomas in Trouble’. Thomas is at the fitter’s yard before a special job taking the school choir to a concert. When James teases him, Thomas wants to prove that he is OK and puffs away to collect the choir before his final inspection. But then nasty noises start coming from Thomas’s engine…

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