Kingdom - Sunday 20 January

Sunday 20 January 2008 9:20pm – 10:20pm on ITV1.

Pressure is mounting on Peter Kingdom (Stephen Fry) as he is forced to hide his fugitive brother Simon (Dominic Mafham), who has begged him not to go to the police.

With gossip spreading rapidly through Market Shipborough how long can he keep Simon’s reappearance a secret? Lyle (Karl Davies) is worried about the effect on Kingdom and Kingdom. Hiding a criminal could put the entire business in jeopardy.

Honor (Kelly Campbell) and Simon are reunited, although it is hardly a match made in heaven. Simon is also introduced to his son Daniel and then has to face up to some new responsibilities.

At Aunt Auriel’s (Phyllida Law), Patricia Wright (Caroline Pickles) seeks Peter Kingdom’s help when she fears that an attractive nurse who is caring for her seriously ill father may be after his money.

Peter talks to the elderly Mr Wright (Richard Briers) and meets his nurse Heather (Lucy Benjamin). Something catches his eye in their companionship, but Heather is also abrasive and rude, fiercely defensive of Mr Wright. Is she protecting their relationship or her own more selfish intentions?

When Patricia presents Heather with a pay off cheque, against Peter’s advice, Heather is furious. But when Peter cautions Patricia, she passes on some sensitive information. Heather was moved on from her last job at St John’s hospice for seducing an elderly patient. Everybody seems to have it in for Heather, and all Peter has to go on is prejudice and conjecture. Added to this Mr Wright seems to be of sound mind and is determined to live his life on his own terms.

Mr Wright suffers a sudden heart attack. Peter visits and reminds Mr Wright that he has only just met Heather and it may be wise to tread cautiously – but nothing Peter says can sway him and he asks that his will be re-written immediately, leaving everything to Heather. Patricia visits, but father and daughter argue viciously.

But in a dramatic turn of events Heather dies before they can come to reconciliation. Finally the real truth emerges – Heather’s bond with Mr Wright was real – they shared the experience of a difficult health condition. They met in the cardiac clinic as patients and formed an immediate and strong bond.

Heather herself inherited a good amount of money from her own family and was obviously never interested in monetary gain from Mr Wright. Ironically Heather has left her money and assets to Mr Wright, as they had mutual wills – thus one day it will all end up with Patricia anyway. Patricia and her father now only have each other to turn to.

Lyle has to strip off to settle a dispute between the local naturist community and residents overlooking the car park to the beach. Lyle finds it all terribly embarrassing, especially as he’s representing clients whose lifestyle he neither understands nor agrees with. He is also shocked to discover that pub landlord Ted (Thomas Fisher) is one of them.

Lyle tries a couple of compromises with the council and his nudist case, but they’re not having any of it, and with no solution for his clients Lyle realises that he’s in danger of losing his good reputation – not by association with nudists (as he first feared), but by being a second rate solicitor.

So he strips at the nudist pub meeting, and from then on it’s plain sailing. Through careful mediation Lyle manages to bring the two groups to a compromise: the naturists must keep their clothes on in the car park and the local homeowners will accept that they must graciously share the car park and stop interfering.

Beatrice (Hermione Norris) has finally done something about the pregnancy tests in her drawer. She goes for her first scan, but still can’t find the words to share her news with anyone. There’s too much noise in the house, too much madness just when she’s trying to keep her head together. And now that she’s really sure she’s pregnant and she’s stopped taking her medication, she needs somewhere she feels calm and supported – Kingdom couldn’t be further from this.

The next morning Peter drives Beatrice to the train station. She has decided to seek out some peace and quiet. It’s the only way that she can cope, and she assures him that she’ll be back soon.

Gloria (Celia Imrie) is the one to break the news when she presents the brothers with a very blurred black and white photograph – the scan of Beatrice’s baby.

Simon and Peter have their first frank conversation. Simon explains that he was fed up of living a pretend life and that he wanted more than anything in the world to be home.

He assures Peter that he is a changed man and Peter believes him. But Simon reveals to Peter that he doesn’t intend to go to the police, he was never planning on staying long anyway.

Peter is horrified and asks Simon to leave immediately. Just as the brothers say a final goodbye, DC Yelland (Gerard Horan) knocks at the door, accompanied by uniformed officers and Simon Kingdom is placed under arrest.

Kingdom, created by Simon Wheeler, and written by Alan Whiting, Jeff Povey and Guy Burt is filmed on location in Norfolk.

Kingdom was the first commission for ITV1 from Simon’s production company, Parallel Film and Television Productions. The new series is being made in association with Stephen Fry’s production company, Sprout, which he runs with Gina Carter (Bright Young Things)

Talking about episode two, Karl Davies explains that stripping off for the screen has become almost second nature so he wasn’t surprised to see that his character joins a bunch of nudists in the new series of Kingdom.

“In every job I do I end up getting naked, so it was no shock to see I had to take my clothes off in Kingdom when my character has to defend the rights of a group of nudists.

“I could just feel all the way along that at some point there was going to have to be some nakedness.

“When I read the script about the nudists I just thought this has got to end up being Lyle’s case.

“When I was filming I had a text from a friend working up on Corrie saying ‘please God can you do a job where you keep your clothes on’. I said ‘funny you should mention it actually, you’ll never guess what I am doing’. This is proper nakedness. It is literally a sock over the front and that is your lot.

“It was so cold that day there were lots of blue bottoms wandering around.

“Lyle is initially reluctant to strip off, but he is easily persuaded when one of the nudists is an attractive young blonde.”

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