Ladette to Lady - Tuesday 22 January

Ladette to Lady
Tuesday 22 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

With two terms of transforming some of Britain’s most extreme ladettes into respectable ladies under their belt, the revered tutors at Eggleston Hall thought they had seen it all. But a third intake is set to be – by their own admission – their biggest challenge yet.

The famous finishing school opens its doors for a new term as its indomitable staff attempt to transform the most obnoxious and unrepentant ladettes they have ever seen.

Programme one introduces the inelegant eight and sees them get to grips with the basics of becoming a lady. But in true ladette style, things go less than according to plan, with their first lessons in etiquette resulting in skinny dipping, food fights and stripping. Plus one chirpy ladette sees herself sent packing before the first official expulsion.

As the ladettes arrive, school rules are immediately broken, contraband is stashed and punctuality is ignored. Liverpudlian Charlotte Donoghue arrives over four hours late interrupting the Principal Address. Her excuse is less than convincing:

“I had to go get conditioner from the Asda and it was quite busy,” she said.

Before classes start the girls swap their high fashion outfits for the Egglestone Hall summer uniform and all mobiles are confiscated.

The ladettes have just five days to prepare for their first big test – a ‘Fruits de Mer’ luncheon at Manderston House, one of Scotland’s most magnificent stately homes, where they will meet a group of eligible bachelors. Here they will be expected to show what they’ve learnt so far, including how to tackle sophisticated food with appropriate table manners.

The girls’ first lesson is oyster eating. Army girl, Simone Webber, throws up her half digested shellfish to the table. “It felt like I was swallowing my own phlegm”, she says.

In the 1950s it was essential for a lady to be correctly dressed for every occasion. Etiquette teacher, Liz Brewer, asks the girls to show from their own wardrobes what they might wear to the end of week task. Unimpressed with the results, she asks them to choose from her hand picked selection of clothes. Most of the girls delight in the options but Charlotte is NOT pleased and refuses to change out of her revealing dress.

Liz is unimpressed and does not mince her words.

“I’m sorry, you look like an absolute slut”, she informs Charlotte, “You cannot go to lunch showing your breasts.”

A row ensues and Charlotte storms off declaring: “I look like a slut? You look like a slut!”

A crisis meeting is called and Charlotte makes a swift exit from Eggleston Hall after just two days, telling Principal Harbord:

“I don’t wanna be a lady no more. I don’t like getting up and I don’t really like working and putting my mind to things, I just like doing what I want and going and doing things and that.”

Term continues but quickly the ladettes break rank once again and get drunk after a civilised dinner with the teachers. A wild food fight follows and bouncer Kelly is caught sliding down the banisters by an appalled Rosemary Shrager.

In true Eggleston Hall style, the punishment is harsh. The hungover ladettes spend the day cleaning the school from top to bottom.

Having missed a whole day of classes the ladettes are ill-prepared for the end of week task but still manage to turn the eye of the eligible bachelors. Chelsea socialite Jonathan Saxby quickly moves in on Nicole Hart telling her: “I think there’s a physical attraction from the beginning,” and, “I think, ‘You and I baby,’ absolutely.”

But it’s tiny tearaway Holly Clements who sets the tone when she mock announces to everyone that she’s “going for a gang bang” as she leads the bachelors down to the lake away from the teachers’ prying eyes.

After some goading from the ladettes it’s the bachelors who lower the tone as they strip off and go skinny dipping. The elegant luncheon ends in disgrace with Nicole waving one

The following day is their first assessment and despite their hard exteriors, the girls are visibly nervous about the impending expulsion. One by one the ladettes face some angry words from the disappointed teachers, but who will be asked to leave?

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    The girl from romford is well fit 🙂

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    dont be so pathetic , laddette to lady are a bunch of fake teachers torturing girls, :)..

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