Sally Morgan: Star Psychic - Wednesday 16 January

Sally Morgan: Star Psychic
Wednesday 16 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV2.

Rhona Cameron is the first brave celeb to have a reading from psychic Sally this week. Sally reads Rhona as having had two different mums and this is confirmed when Rhona reveals she was adopted. Sally also picks up on Rhona’s deceased dad who stands with her. Rhona is speechless and as she fights back the tears she tells the ITV2 cameras “I felt acknowledgement that my Dad was here by what Sally was saying.”

Alongside Radio 1’s film critic, James King, Sally heads off to Planet Hollywood for her next challenge. While there James hands Sally a selection of celebrity memorabilia. Can she decipher which celebrity the item belongs to, just by a blind touch?

Sally also visits Linda Lusardi at her home in Hertfordshire. She informs the former page three girl that she has a lady who walks with her. It emerges that this lady is Linda’s best friend who sadly passed away 15 years ago, and Linda has been desperate to talk to her through a medium ever since.

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