Sally Morgan: Star Psychic - Wednesday 30 January

Sally Morgan: Star Psychic
Wednesday 30 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV2.

In episode four, Sally is challenged to touch a selection of movie memorabilia, blindfolded to see if she can detect who the item belongs to. Throughout the challenge Sally is given a pair of trousers that Woody Allen once wore, a pair of shoes that Helen Mirren wore to play the Queen, Stephen Fry’s waistcoat and Benny Hill’s Chinese robe. Will Sally match all of the items correctly?

Helen Leaderer is the first celeb of the episode to have one of Sally’s infamous readings. Sally picks up on the 12 members of Helen’s family that were killed in a concentration camp and she is astounded: “Sally definitely has a gift.”

Richard Blackwood and Kat B are the next celebs to stand before the ITV2 psychic. Sally tells Richard he will have twin girls, but not with the lady he is romantically linked to at the moment. Richard is totally spooked and claims “Wow. She is really freaky. She is bigger than the worldwide web.”

Suzanne Shaw is the last celeb to have a reading in the penultimate episode where Sally speaks of her relationship with former Radio 1 DJ, JK.

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  • william scroggie

    would love to appear on sallys show on the web cam
    if she were to bring things about my past family life
    would make a great show,

  • debbie

    hi ime debbie would love a reading

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