Sandbanks - Wednesday 16 January

Wednesday 16 January 2008 10:35pm – 11:05pm on ITV1.

A small peninsular jutting out from the coast of Dorset that little over 100 years ago was no more than a sand dune housing a couple of coastguard cottages has become one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Today Sandbanks is a developers’ paradise, a playground to the rich and famous which, with properties on the market for up to £12 million pounds, has become known as Britain’s answer to Monte Carlo.

In programme two of this new three part documentary series transmitting over consecutive nights, Piers Morgan meets the new movers and shakers in Sandbanks and asks if the beauty of this tiny goldmine is being eroded by the influx of new money.

Property tycoon Richard Carr has built a reputation for himself as public enemy number one thanks to the incredibly lucrative business he has forged that involves flattening old family homes and replacing them with flats around Sandbanks. With a boat called Agent Provocateur, he has swiftly become used to his less than favourable reputation.

Chairing the anti-Richard Carr society is Terry Stewart from the Local Residents Association.

Terry says: “We have these developers who are almost continuously knocking down very attractive houses to put up ugly blocks of flats which are totally out of character for the area”.

But Richard makes no apologies for the role he is playing in the redevelopment of Sandbanks:

“I’m very single minded, I go about my business in the correct way. Unfortunately there are people that live in this area that have very little to do except stop progress.

“I go about my business in a very tough and businesslike manner. When you get told you can’t do something I always find a way of getting what I need to get … I am not doing anything that is illegal. I am providing homes, and economic development for this area and I am proud I can do that.”

Elsewhere in Sandbanks, Piers meets those caught up in the demand for the new properties on offer such as Paul Mayden who is a self-made millionaire. He made 32 million pounds in just nine months. He has nine cars and could live anywhere in the world. But he has opted for Sandbanks.

Piers also gets an exclusive peek inside the new home belonging to seven million pound Portsmouth signing Sulley Muntari and his international model girlfriend who have just joined the Sandbanks rich list.

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