The Agency - Thursday January 24

the agency
scouting the south (3/7)

Continuing this evening is the series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at life inside one of New York’s most successful modelling agencies. Wilhelmina Models is staffed by a team who are very passionate about their work, meaning fiery tempers, backstabbing and catfights are all par for the course. In today’s edition, Pink, Becky and Lola take a trip down south to search out some new talent, while Greg tries to find a new model for a big Tommy Hilfiger campaign.

After dismissing yet another modelling hopeful – “Is she lopsided?” – high end women’s board agent Becky realises that walk-ins are not the way that Wilhelmina is going to find the next big star. Agency president Sean agrees that they need to do more scouting, and to this end has decided to send Pink, Becky and Lola down south to hunt for some new girls.

While Becky and Lola are excited at the prospect of whooping it up in some country bars, Pink is not looking forward to having to keep the girls in line. “All I need for you guys to do is to go down there, keep your sh*t together and find some great girls that we can make some money with,” Sean tells him. “That’s it.” With Sean’s words ringing in his ears, Pink warns Lola that he is not going to tolerate any nonsense – but he realises it is not going to be an easy trip when Becky starts complaining before it has even begun.

After the trio arrive in Nashville, Tennessee, they go to an open casting to start their hunt. They are on the lookout for what Becky describes as “tall, skinny girls”, but after a stream of “fat” girls hovering around the 5’6” mark it is not looking good. Becky is not happy: “If this is what we’re to expect from down south,” she says gloomily, “then I think we’re gonna be f*cked.” A visit to a water park – historically excellent places for scouting – also yields nothing, news which does not please Sean when he calls Pink for an update. The trio are running out of time to find “something we can turn into profit”, in Pink’s words – is this going to be a wasted trip?

Back in New York, men’s board agent Greg is on the hunt for a new model to present to Tommy Hilfiger. The designer wants “rugged” new faces for his next campaign, and Greg thinks he has found one in the form of young volleyball player Adam. “We think the kid looks great; let’s hope it works out,” he says optimistically, acknowledging that he is taking a risk here.

Alas, when Adam is flown in from Toronto, the agents realise that the potential new star is not quite so rugged in person – and is also shorter than they had anticipated. “I’m gonna have to figure out a way to sell him to Tommy,” says Greg, who has already replaced volleyball with rugby on Adam’s CV to present a tougher image. After a spot of role-playing, in which Greg advises Adam to think “bad-ass”, Adam heads off to meet Tommy Hilfiger’s casting director Jennifer. Will the fresh-faced young model have what it takes to be the face of the designer’s next campaign?

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