The Palace - Monday 28 January

The Palace
Monday 28 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

The battle between the PM and the King has got too much for Miranda who tries to end her relationship with Richard. However, he is too in love with her to let this happen and continues his battle with the PM in the misguided view that he might be able to win her back as a result. The only problem is that he’s doing a very good job and there’s a real chance he’ll bring down the PM.

Simon and Abi’s relationship begins to flourish, although Abi has no idea that Simon’s motives for this lie in the fact that Princess Eleanor is determined to find out who the King’s mystery lover is. Abigail, meanwhile, is now enjoying a passionate relationship with Simon, oblivious to his ulterior motives.

As King, Richard realises he can’t turn a blind eye to George’s cowardly behaviour. He takes the toughest line, sending George out to apologise to the man he hit and deal with whatever the consequences may be. A protesting George goes to the hospital and is forgiven by the victim, but the brothers’ bond is broken.

Meanwhile Abigail is getting plenty for her book: she has uncovered Richard’s relationship with Miranda. Still unaware of the book, Richard goes to her home to explain about Miranda. But when he leaves her flat, a paparazzi takes a photograph of him – tomorrow the press will all be saying that Abigail is the King’s lover.

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