Thomas & Friends - Monday January 7 - Friday January 11

thomas & friends
dirty work (18/26)

The popular children’s animation continues this morning with some more railway adventures for the cheeky little tank engine. In this series, Thomas and his friends venture across the island of Sodor to a range of new locations. Along with some old favourites, a number of new characters make their debut, including Whiff the rubbish engine and a big, black truck named Hector the Horrid!

In this morning’s episode, James is given the important job of taking the mayor of Sodor to the Festival of Lights at the Scottish Castle, so he tries his very best not to get dirty…

In Monday’s episode, ‘Percy and the Left Luggage’, Percy is given four jobs: collecting holiday mail, delivering lights for the town hall, taking children to a summer party and, most importantly of all, taking Dowager Hatt’s luggage to the airport before her plane leaves. However, he has so much fun doing the first three jobs that he leaves the final job to the very last minute!

Tuesday’s instalment is ‘Thomas and the Stinky Cheese’. When Thomas is given the job of transporting a load of smelly cheese across the island, he accidentally crashes into Bert and creates a stinky mess.

Wednesday’s edition, ‘Skarloey Storms Through’, sees a storm come to the hills of Sodor. The narrow gauge engines are called to help bring the sheep to safety, but Skarloey is frightened of the lightning and hides. Will he regain his courage in time to save the flock?

On Thursday, ‘Cool Truckings’ finds Duncan unable to travel on the narrow gauge tracks because of snow. Madge the snub-nose lorry takes him by road and the two have a great time until a dangerous skid leaves them hanging over the edge of a steep valley…

And rounding off the week’s episodes on Friday is ‘Wash Behind your Buffers’. On the day of the country show and engine rally in the hills, the engineers work hard to ensure all the engines are gleaming clean. However, Madge is in such a hurry when taking the brass band up the hill that she splashes everyone with mud!

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