Keith’s first stop on his whirl wind very brilliant world tour is America – the nose of his shark shaped travel route. That’s right, Keith Lemon (Businessman Of The Year ’93) is “living in America” and is about to kick the American dream right up the arse.

His first task – “to fatten his horizons” – is a visit to the Chippendales in Las Vegas where he picks up some killer moves to impress the ladies. Although, he does have some trouble with his pants and his tallywacker. What will Mel B think?

Also during the trip, Keith embarks upon a bout of adrenaline pumping activities. He gets a sweaty arse during an indoor sky dive and visits the wonders of the Grand Canyon during a helicopter ride.

However, it is not all pleasure for Keith while he is living the dream. Keith can not help but worry about his cousin Gary, who is taking care of his Securipole business in Leeds, so he checks in to make sure everything is running smoothly.

But it is not longer before Keith is back to “texturizing his conversations” when he visits the Testi Festi in Montana. During the Testicular Festival Keith gets involved in a wet t-shirt competition, lesbian mud wrestling, minge showing, and a bull’s balls munching competition – He is definitely experiencing America off the beaten track.

However, Keith’s balls also come into question when he suddenly has to rush back to the UK to see his ex-girlfriend, Mel C.

Tuesday 11 March 2008 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

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