Episode 41 - Monday 3 March 2008 at 3:30pm on ITV1

It’s the start of a new week at The Royal and Ormerod’s (Andrew Scarborough) first patient is the elderly Sandy Heddon (Jean Stevens). Ormerod is concerned when he realises that Sandy is very confused, especially when she begins to undress as instructed by her ‘other’ doctor. Ormerod admits Sandy onto the ward for more tests as he believes she is suffering from a condition called pernicious anaemia. Asking if Sandy understands, she tells Ormerod and Kieran (Mark Wells) that she’ll ask her ‘real’ doctor. To confuse matters further, a young girl shows up claiming to be Sandy’s granddaughter. Sandy doesn’t seem to know the girl, who claims to be called Carrie (Jodie Comer). Student nurse Carrie (Lucie Trickett) suspects the girl may not be telling the truth. Can the team at The Royal get to the bottom of Sandy’s illness, and the lies that are being told?

Elsewhere, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) and Carrie are getting ready to start their shift when Carrie accidentally drops a birthday card on the floor. Seeing the card, Gemma confronts Carrie, who has to admit it’s her birthday on Wednesday. Carrie tells Gemma that she isn’t going to do anything to celebrate as it either goes wrong or ends in embarrassment. Not letting that stop her, Gemma begins her plan of organising a surprise party. However, with Carrie’s prediction, will the party planning go without a hitch?

Meanwhile, Maisy (Vickie Gates), an eccentric young woman, is found by Norman (Steve Huison) looking lost. When he approaches her and guesses she’s there to see Doctor Ormerod, Maisy believes Norman is psychic. He shows her the way to the consulting room and Maisy explains to Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) that she has had a buzzing noise in her ear since she helped her friend with her gardening the other day. Sarah discovers a live insect stuck in Maisy’s ear. Maisy, who is a Buddhist and respects all forms of life, refuses to let the spider be killed. Can they get it out alive? Meanwhile, Norman takes a shine to Maisy, but will the pair meet again?

Over on Middleditch Ward, discussing Heather’s (Caroline Carver) wedding, Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) lets Heather know she has the number of her cousin’s limo service. Heather admits they have decided to go ‘vintage’ and won’t need a limo. Overhearing the conversation, Adam (Ben Hull) takes Heather to one side, annoyed he tells her he thought they had agreed no wedding talk at work. Pearl whispers to Carrie that it is a pure sign of PMT – Pre-Marital Tension – but will it get worse for the couple as Pearl predicts?

Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) and Pamela (Fiona Dolman) consult with Barry Hardcastle (Rowe David McClelland), a large patient who is awaiting the removal of his gall stones. When Barry tells Mr Woods he’s starving and would kill for a pizza, Mr Woods takes the opportunity to let Barry know it’s the fatty foods that have landed him in hospital. Annoyed with Barry, Woods tells Pamela that she can do the operation. Later, in theatre, Mr Woods inspects the work of Pamela having left her to carry out the operation. However, as soon as Woods leaves the theatre, Isla (Libby Davison) admits that having checked all the equipment they are a needle short. Accompanied by Alana (Victoria Pritchard), the three women get down on their hands and knees to search the theatre floor. Will they find the needle before they close up Barry, and before Mr Woods returns?

Monday 3 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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