Final Week

Concluding on Milkshake! this week is this engaging preschool wildlife series. Animal Families aims to spark young children’s interest in nature and show them that we are not altogether different from our animal cousins. The show is presented by Milkshake! favourites Beth Evans and Kemi Majeks.

Exploring creatures of all shapes and sizes, the programmes focus on how young animals cope with the world around them. Each edition features a number of strands: ‘Wild Animals’ sees Beth filming in southern Africa; ‘Interaction’ sees Kemi give children the chance to meet an animal; ‘Children and Animals’ presents a wildlife story; and ‘Animal Soap Opera’ explores family life for groups of animals at a UK zoo.

Sunday’s episode features a grooming session for some chimps; while Kemi and the kids have the dubious pleasure of meeting a hissing cockroach.

On Monday’s show, some wild bears go hunting for food in Romania; Kemi and the children meet a python; and the penguin enclosure is cleaned.

In Tuesday’s instalment, Beth tracks some wild dogs as they put their taste buds to the test; the children handle a giant millipede; and one of the Barbary apes gets lost.

On Wednesday’s programme, Beth hears a group of cheetahs calling in the wild; the kids meet a gecko; and it is playtime for the Barbary apes.

And on Thursday, Beth watches some howler monkeys at play; the children meet a chinchilla;

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