Friday 14 March 2008 at 3:30pm on ITV1

Norman (Steve Huison) and Kristaps (Jon Lolis) look on as Heather (Caroline Carver) and Adam (Ben Hull) arrive together, more the loving couple than ever before. As the couple draw closer, Kristaps tells them they should have an engagement party. When Heather announces that the party isn’t important and all that matters is them, Isla (Libby Davison), ever the sceptic, overhears the speech by Heather.

Walking past the happy scene, Isla grumpily tells Alana (Victoria Pritchard) that love and marriage starts all rosy in the garden but never stays that way. Alana makes the comment that Isla’s slowly turning into a grumpy old woman. Unperturbed by Alana’s comments, Isla continues to bemoan the happy couple.

Elsewhere in the locker room, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) and Carrie (Lucie Trickett) are bickering over the fact that Gemma borrowed a pair of Carrie’s shoes. Carrie assures Gemma that this wouldn’t normally cause a problem, but the fact that Gemma threw up in them makes this case different. When the pair see Vijay (Pal Aron) down the corridor, Gemma believes he’s the reason behind Carrie’s temper. When Gemma confronts Vijay about his behaviour, will the radiologist see the error of his ways?

Over in casualty, Kieran (Mark Wells) takes the details of pensioner Wilf Richards (Steve Evets). When asked for his address, Wilf informs Kieran that he is in the process of moving and doesn’t know the exact address but indicates a prison officer in the corner who would know. As Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) examines him, Wilf informs him that the symptoms came on when he was been moved to a different prison. When Ormerod examines Wilf’s abdomen, he admits he can feel something unusual and is thoroughly surprised when he feels a vibration. What could be behind the unusual symptoms and vibrations?

Gathered around the nurse’s station, Heather happily shows off her ring to everyone. Happy for the couple, Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillips) threatens Heather that they better go through with the wedding this time. Will the couple finally have their happy ending?

Elsewhere, Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) confronts Ormerod about where she stands in his life. In a heated argument he embraces her to calm her down. Sarah tells Jonathan she won’t wait for him anymore and says she’s going to resign. Will Ormerod let Sarah go instead of admitting his true feelings for her?

Meanwhile, on Middleditch Ward, Kevin Gough (Andrew Cullimore) is recovering from the previous day’s surgery. As Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) attends to Kevin’s post surgery assessment, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) arrives and severely berates Kevin for disturbing the night staff. As Jenny prepares to leave, Kevin makes a snide comment, much to Woods’ amusement and Jenny’s annoyance. Once Jenny is out of earshot, Kevin sarcastically tells Woods that Jenny likes him. Everyone else is aware of the chemistry between Woods and Jenny apart from them – that is until an argument results in a passionate kiss. Will Woods and Jenny accept their feelings for each other?

That afternoon, Kevin’s raucous friends return to the hospital to visit. Discussing the previous night’s shenanigans, the boys start wrestling and accidentally knock Gemma. Finding the whole incident amusing, the boys laugh when Gemma tells them off, but Kevin is quick to come to Gemma’s defence.

When Gavin (Mark Jackson) then starts on Heather, Norman sees red and comes to her aid, but before he can do anything, Gavin punches him in the face. Norman staggers, but doesn’t seem to be seriously injured. However, later when looking for Norman, Kristaps finds him collapsed in the car park. Norman is rushed into theatre for emergency surgery after being diagnosed with an extradural haematoma. The theatre staff do all they can to help Norman, but will it be enough?

Friday 14 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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