Monday Feb. 18 - Friday Feb. 22

Continuing this week on Five is a new wildlife series anchored by animal expert Michaela Strachan and ex-‘Blue Peter’ presenter Matt Baker. Airing on weeknights, the series looks at the urgent work going on to save and protect animals in the UK and abroad – from large-scale conservation projects to tiny wildlife sanctuaries.

Animal Rescue Squad follows the efforts of dedicated zoologists, vets and volunteers to help animals around the world. The programmes focus on the unsung heroes of animal conservation and protection, who work tirelessly to improve the lives of creatures in zoos, safari parks, wildlife reserves and public areas. The series also examines the life-and-death dramas that unfold in vets’ surgeries up and down the country on a daily basis.

In Monday’s programe, Florida’s Animal Control Officers rescue more than 30 cats and kittens from an owner who has lost control of them. Plus, will serval kittens Keeta and Jar Jar survive after being abandoned by their mother?

Tuesday’s programme goes on an incredible journey with two rescued sun bear orphans as they make the marathon trip from Cambodia to a new life in Kent. And in Florida, Michaela helps out at an Eagle Hospital and meets an American bald eagle who has survived a car crash but needs to learn to fly again.

On Wednesday, Michaela is on the road with the SPCA in Florida, helping seven adorable opossums and four healthy raccoons adjust to a life back in the wild. Meanwhile, Tawny the owl fights to regain her sight.

In Thursday’s show, Susie the Parrot is rescued from a life behind bars. She has hit adolescence and is behaving like a teenage tearaway. Will life at the Parrot Sanctuary turn her into a little angel? Elsewhere, Michaela comes to the aid of a colony of penguins who were caught in an oil spill.

And in Friday’s programme, Ralph the Jack Russell is homeless because his owner is too ill to look after him. Can he find a new family? In South Africa, snake expert Shaun Boddington investigates reports of a large black snake in a back garden. Could it be a deadly black mamba?

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