S01E05 - Mon 11 Feb / 9:00pm

When Eleanor presents Queen Charlotte with a controversial diamond necklace to wear on the eve of the Indian state visit, the sidelined Queen sees her opportunity to grab her son’s attention. Sure enough, the Indian delegation request the jewel is returned to its rightful owner – India – while the grieving Queen Charlotte asks Richard to let her keep it.

Meanwhile, downstairs the unpopular head chef finds himself under attack by Vinny when the lovesick footman discovers he has bedded his girlfriend, Ruby. Fellow footmen Jimmy and Jeremy vow to avenge their wronged friend and enjoy driving the bullying chef out.

A remorseful Queen Charlotte decides Richard needs a fairytale romance and gives Abigail the job of introducing Alice, a beautiful childhood friend, into the equation. Richard proposes a generous donation to the charity Alice is a patron of, instead of returning the diamond.

Diplomatic chaos threatens, but his mother and he are united – giving her the strength to do the right thing and return the rock herself. Richard knows he has Abigail to thank for the idea and, tipsy and alone at last, she kisses him. But Richard is shocked and Abi has to flee the room in shame.

Monday 11 February 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

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