S01E06 - Mon 18 Feb / 9:00pm

A break-in at Clarance House finds chambermaid Natalie saving Princess Eleanor from an intruder and signals a move into Buckingham Palace for the scheming Princess. Richard is under enormous pressure from the Church, the public and his family to be the perfect Monarch, and having Alice around is doing wonders for his image.

He allows his old friend to be used as a decoy, not taking into account her actual hidden feelings for him. Attending his valet Neil’s gay wedding with her also proves an ideal opportunity to provoke the Archbishop, who disapproves of Richard’s modern outlook. But as their public profile shoots sky high, Richard gets cold feet about how far he can use Alice.

Meanwhile Abigail is finding it tougher to juggle her clandestine relationship with Simon and her feelings for Richard, especially as her publisher won’t allow her to give up the book. Alice decides to put an end to the game, making Richard acknowledge who he really wants. Richard knows he can rely on Eleanor to take on his duties temporarily, leaving him free to rush from a hospital opening to tell Abigail how he really feels. But he can’t quite make the jump over their disparate status and bottles out, saying they can never be together.

But that’s the least of Abigail’s worries: Simon has found her book manuscript.

Monday 18 February 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

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