Maurice Baxter (John Flanagan), wearing a magician’s outfit complete with top hat, waits in A&E for a consultation. As Kieran (Mark Wells) begins the initial consultation, Maurice produces a bunch of flowers from his cane before having a coughing fit. After her examination of Maurice, Dr Chatwin (Kirsty Mitchell) identifies that Maurice could have pneumonia. Maurice tells Sarah that all he needs is a doctor’s note to let the theatre know he is able to perform that evening. As Sarah orders more tests, Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) escorts Maurice’s concerned glamorous assistant and girlfriend, Jacqui (Vicky Mills), onto the ward. As Maurice entertains the patients on the ward he has a coughing fit. Can the magician return to the stage that evening?

On the Middleditch Ward, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) has a word with Gemma about using the internal email system for organising private parties. Suitably chastised, Gemma asks Jenny to attend Carrie’s (Lucie Trickett) party. Surprised by the invite, Jenny admits she’ll see what she can do. As Jenny leaves, Norman (Steve Huison) approaches Gemma and tries to persuade her that all the party needs is karaoke. Will Gemma take up Norman’s offer of providing the party’s entertainment?

Meanwhile, Heather (Caroline Carver) tells Adam (Ben Hull) that she needs to pop out for a wedding dress fitting. Annoyed, Adam tells her that she can’t go out. Before an argument breaks out between the couple, Adam is called away to deal with a patient. It’s seems all is not well.

Back in casualty, Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) attends to Miles Mason (Leyland O’Brien), who is with his partner Polly (Rachel Jane Allen). Miles is out of breath and tells Ormerod he feels like he has been beaten up. He also confesses that he has blood in his urine. Miles admits it is the first time he’s seen a doctor since he was a child. Ormerod is confused by the symptoms Miles is showing and admits him onto the ward. Away from Miles, Ormerod talks to Polly and tries to get to the bottom of Miles’ symptoms, believing it may be linked to his kidneys. Can Polly shed some light on Mile’s condition?

Elsewhere, Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas), Jenny, Alana (Victoria Pritchard), Kristaps (Jon Lolis), Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) and Carrie are together for a training course with Gary Grant (Timothy Richey). Gary informs the group that he will be leading the course in moving, handling and back care. Its obvious Mr Woods is reluctant to be there. As the group begin to cajole Gary, Jenny gets increasing annoyed with Woods for leading the pack. When they practise the correct methods for moving a patient, Woods accidentally drops Jenny to answer his phone. Eagerly, he leaves the group and heads to theatre only to instruct Pamela (Fiona Dolman) that if anyone asks for him – he’s on a course. Will Wood’s be found out that the course is actually the golf course?

Later, Norman has a surprise visit from Maisy (Vicki Gates), a previous patient. Maisy gives her mobile number to Norman and tells him she’ll go to his next gig. After accidentally losing her number, Norman is thrilled she paid him a visit. Is this the start of a new relationship?

Tuesday 4 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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