As the day draws to a close for the staff at The Royal, Vijay (Pal Aron) and Sarah (Kirsty Micthell) discuss the upcoming party planned for Carrie (Lucie Trickett). Sarah isn’t planning on attending, much to the disappointment of Vijay. The pair are interrupted by Kieran (Mark Wells) who escorts eighty-nine-year-old Olivia Pickering (June Broughton) into A&E.

Having suffered from a fall, Olivia is finding it hard to talk and Sarah is barely able to hear Olivia ask for Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough). When Dr Chatwin brings over Jonathan, Olivia asks for Gordon, Jonathan’s father. Jonathan remembers Olivia as one of his father’s patients, from when he was a child. As the two doctors talk about Jonathan’s relationship with Olivia, Sarah sees a different side to him.

After being admitted onto the ward, Olivia asks for her girl, a surprise to Sarah as no next of kin is listed. When Ormerod finds out that Olivia is listed as do not resuscitate, and it looks unlikely that she’ll recover, he spends the evening sat by her side while Sarah tries to find out who Olivia’s girl is. Can Sarah find what she is looking for before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Adam (Ben Hull) finds Heather (Caroline Carver) having a dress fitting in the ward kitchen, annoyed he tells her to get back to work. Heather refuses to stop the fitting, much to Adam’s annoyance. Adam informs Heather that anymore wedding planning at work will result in disciplinary action.

Later, Vijay asks Carrie out for a birthday drink so that Gemma (Sophia Di Martino) can get everything ready for the surprise party. The pair gets on remarkably well and Vijay manages to get Carrie to the party without her suspecting a thing. Carrie’s opinion of Vijay changes as she sees what a gentleman he can be, but can he keep up the behaviour?

Much to everyone’s surprise Mr Woods (Paul Nicholas) arrives at the party with a bouquet of flowers for Carrie. The guests get into the spirit of the party, including Woods. Alana (Victoria Pritchard), Isla (Libby Davison) and Pamela (Fiona Dolman) are surprised by Woods’ behaviour as he makes a bee-line for Jenny (Leah Bracknell). The karaoke is a success, or so it seems, until Heather uses the mic to announce that her wedding with Adam is off. Can the couple resolve their differences before the big day?

As the party continues, Norman’s (Steve Huison) new found romance with Maisy (Vicki Gates) takes a turn for the worse when she starts to choke. As Woods begins emergency procedures, Norman watches anxiously. Will Maisy pull through?

Wednesday 5 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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