Pamela (Fiona Dolman) makes her way to visit her patient, local hero and darts champion Eddie Trotter (Bill Rodgers), only to draw back the curtains and find his bed empty. Looking around, she notices the rest of the ward extremely quiet. When Carrie (Lucie Trickett) appears on the ward and a loud cheer goes out from elsewhere in the hospital, Pamela is sure that she knows where her patient is.

Heading out of the ward, Pamela finds the staff and patients gathered round in the kitchen as Eddie gives Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) a darts lesson. Pamela is far from impressed to find Sarah with her patient, who should be resting after his haemorrhoidectomy. As Pamela ushers Eddie back to his bed, Norman (Steve Huison) looks on wistfully as he knows Eddie has a far worse condition than haemorrhoids, he’s suffering from Dartitis – a condition which will affect his performance as a darts player.

Kristaps (Jon Lolis) comments that not many players come back from Dartitis, much to the surprise of everyone else that he’s aware of the condition. As the group break up, Norman ponders on how they can help Eddie. Oblivious to the seriousness of his problems, Eddie’s wife Brenda (Janys Chambers) arrives on the ward to show him her new outfit for the Darts Tournament. It’s clear to the staff that Brenda is Eddie’s biggest fan and supports him all the way, whether he wants her to or not. Can the staff find the cause of the Dartitis and bring Eddie out from the psychological impediment that’s holding him back?

Later, Lisa Faulkes (Jody Elen Machin) strides down the corridor and asks Norman and Kristaps to point her in the direction of Matron’s office. After getting the directions she heads off, unseen by the porters. She grimaces and clutches at her stomach as she goes in search of Jenny.

Having found Matron’s office, Lisa, who is looking into potential cost cutting at the hospital, is being shown around by Jenny. It’s clear the two aren’t getting along, and Jenny’s efforts at a distraction are thwarted when Dr Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) hurries past, refusing to stand and talk. However, seeing the opportunity to talk to an attractive woman, Vijay (Pal Aron) is on hand to help until he sees Carrie and makes a quick exit. How long will Vijay continue to avoid Carrie for?

As Jenny continues the tour, Lisa spots the ladies toilets and with a grimace excuses herself and rushes in, leaving Jenny waiting. As Ormerod approaches, Jenny stands in his way, clearly annoyed about his lack of support. Jenny admits to Ormerod she doesn’t like Lisa’s manner, but he is amused when Jenny basically describes her own traits, and with a last comment he leaves an affronted Jenny, impatiently waiting for Lisa. Have his words hit a raw nerve?

Bored of waiting, Jenny decides to find out what’s keeping Lisa. Investigating, she hears her being sick and in obvious pain. Pushing the cubicle door open, Jenny finds Lisa slumped on the floor. As Lisa is rushed to theatre with a suspected ruptured appendix, Jenny tells Sarah she feels sorry for Lisa, who only that morning had to have root canal surgery. Sarah has a niggling feeling that the two events could be linked, but will her intuition be correct?

Wednesday 12 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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