S03E04 - Tue 12 Feb / 9:00pm

With two terms of transforming some of Britain’s most extreme ladettes into respectable ladies under their belt, the revered tutors at Eggleston Hall thought they had seen it all. But a third intake is set to be – by their own admission – their biggest challenge yet.

In programme four there’s romance in the air for Nicole, more drunken antics from tiny tearaway Holly, and the ladettes receive invitations to their first public event – the finals of the Yorkshire Nations Cup International Polo Tournament. One of the ladettes will be selected to present the Best Pony Award and make a short speech to mark the occasion, but glancing down the invitation Simone spies a possible disaster looming: “2000 people, 11am, Champagne.”

Preparing speeches with etiquette teacher Liz Brewer, Louise suggests “thank you for having us here” but Liz is quick to correct her explaining: “Never ever use that expression, that somebody’s ‘had’ you. You especially, Louise.”

Louise reacts angrily to what she sees as an unfair slight on her character eventually walking out of the class announcing: “I can’t stand to be in the same room as you, you’re very insulting and you’re not a lady.”

Later, while the ladettes reflect on Louise’s reaction, Louise returns to talk to Liz Brewer.

“The world you’re going into, glamour modelling, is something they would look down on,” Liz explains to her, but Louise argues “I feel like sometimes you say inappropriate things as if to make out I’m some sort of slapper.”

In art class the ladettes are asked to paint a portrait of Principal Harbord to win a date with the bachelor of their choice. Art teacher, Susan Wilson invites the girls to “express how you feel” when painting the principal’s face.

After winning the art contest Nicole departs for a romantic dinner while the remaining girls head off for their far less civilised weekly visit to the pub. Holly and Louise are ready to knock back the booze in their usual style, however Simone is surprisingly restrained. “Gotta take my time girls,” she explains – pint in hand. “I’m now a lady.”

Returning to Eggleston Hall, well past curfew, a fight breaks out between Simone and an extremely inebriated Holly, forcing the intervention of Mrs Harbord and a peacekeeper in the form of Nicole.

The following morning when Holly is challenged about her behaviour by elocution teacher Caroline Sherwood Roberts the normally unrepentant ladette is surprisingly remorseful, crying: “It was the booze. I just disgraced myself again and I’m really embarrassed and I feel like I’ve come this far and I’ve just, thrown it all away.”

The day of the Polo Tournament arrives and Simone, who has been selected to make the speech, appears to have lost all powers of communication – until the arrival of two strapping polo players.

As the forth week comes to an end, and with graduation day only a week away, the teachers must ask one last ladette to leave.

Tuesday 12 February 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

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