The Box Part 2

Ronnie Reid is brought to London for questioning, accompanied by a mocking and nonchalant DI Mullins. During interview, Ronnie’s stutter makes it a slow and frustrating process for DCS Walker and DI Lynch. Ronnie admits he was fond of Margaret, but that he was in not in Glasgow at the time of her disappearance. He totally refutes the entries in Anna’s journal, and can produce witnesses to prove that he could not have been in London on the dates stated. His claims are backed up by Anna’s mother, Eileen Banks, who doesn’t believe that Anna wrote sections of the diary, there are many inconsistencies. Her suspicions are confirmed when the files are examined by the Met’s IT experts – entries were made after Anna was reported missing. With Ronnie’s alibi appearing to back up his claim that he couldn’t have been in London on the dates specified, it looks like somebody is trying to frame him and Kevin is brought in for questioning.

Walker is called back up to Glasgow – his mother’s condition has deteriorated further. He pays what feels like a final visit, an emotional moment where mother and son waltz slowly around the hospital room. While in Glasgow, Walker meets Mullins at Ronnie’s garage, where he finds petrol receipts proving he was in London when the diary suggests. Detailed checks of CCTV brings up Ronnie’s car near Kevin and Anna’s house on the day of her disappearance.

Ronnie confronts Kevin, an argument and struggle ensues. A frightened Jenny tells the police, and Walker arrives to find a sedated Ronnie locked in a deep freeze, and Kevin nowhere to be found. As soon as he recovers consciousness he makes his escape from hospital, calls Kevin and demands to meet him at the stock car racetrack.

In flashback we learn the truth of what happened. Kevin and Margaret in a furious row, her dog snarling and barking at him. As the dog makes a leap at Kevin, Margaret is knocked to the ground and falls unconscious. Seeing this as an opportunity to end his old life and start a new one, Kevin injects Margaret with a sedative, freezes her body in a deep freeze, before dismembering her and entombing her in the box. Eight years later, Ronnie visits his brother in London, where he sees for the first time Kevin’s new wife Anna. She appears at the door wearing the same dress that Margaret was last seen alive wearing. As Ronnie remembers the vision of Margaret, who he adored and doted on, the red mist descends. He forces his way into the house and attacks her. She falls and breaks her neck, dying instantly. Ronnie conceals her body underneath the stands at the race-track.

Walker, Satch and Lynch arrive at the track, but it’s too late. In his desire to end the psychological torment of what they have both done, Ronnie drives his car straight at Kevin, killing him instantly, before killing himself by deliberately crashing the car. It’s over, except for DI Moyra Lynch – she’s going back to where she started, to tell Eileen Banks that she has finally found her daughter.

Thursday 13 March 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

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