Thursday 13 March 2008 at 3:30pm on ITV1

Middle-class southerner Kevin Gough (Andrew Cullimore) is escorted into casualty with a large group of lads, all the worst for wear after thirty-six hours of drinking on a stag weekend. Annoyed, Kieran (Mark Wells) asks the guys to be quite and calm down. Getting away from the lads, Kieran moves onto the next cubicle to see to nineteen-year-old Hayley Fellows (Gabriella Peters). Hayley is in obvious pain and anxious that Kieran won’t leave her again. He reassures that the doctor will be there soon.

At the nurse’s station, Vijay (Pal Aron) sidles up to Heather and ask her out for a drink. Shocked by his advances, Heather (Caroline Carver) asks him what he’s doing. Not able to take any more of his chat up lines, she sends him on his way, dismayed. Heather approaches Pearl (Lisa Davina Phillip) who tells her that she can’t blame Vijay for trying now she’s free and single. Is Vijay just trying his luck or is there something more to his suggestion?

Meanwhile, the boisterous stags are still creating a racket in casualty with Kevin’s friend Gavin (Mark Jackson) hitting on Sarah as she arrives to examine Hayley. Kieran informs Sarah (Kirsty Mitchell) that Hayley has a high blood pressure and is quite anxious. It transpires that Hayley is worried she may be having a heart attack – her uncle died the previous year and she believes it to be a genetic case. The examination is disturbed by an uproar of noise from the stags. Leaving Hayley, Sarah moves round to Kevin’s cubicle.

As Kevin steps forward, Sarah recoils from the smell of alcohol on his breath, but sees Kevin clutch his stomach in pain. Annoyed with the stags, she sends them out of the hospital as she begins to examine Kevin. Full of bravado, Kevin informs Sarah that it was his friends who persuaded him to visit casualty and he agreed mainly to see the pretty nurses. However, when he clutches his stomach again in agony, it is clear something is seriously wrong. Is his illness linked to a chaotic weekend of drinking?

Elsewhere, Adam (Ben Hull) talks to Kristaps (Jon Lolis) asking if Kieran has spoken to him. A bashful Kristaps asks Adam if he is okay with what is happening. Admitting that he’s happy with everything, Adam tells Kristaps he’ll do what ever it takes to get Heather back. Later, visiting the ward, Kristaps heads straight to Heather and hands her a rose. Is this part of Kieran’s elaborate plan for Adam to win back the woman he loves?

Later that day, Sarah confronts Ormerod (Andrew Scarborough) about their relationship and makes it clears she stands by what she says. However, an awkward Ormerod seems reluctant to talk about what is clearly going on between them.

After being admitted onto the ward, Hayley complains to Carrie (Lucie Trickett) about the temperature and demands something to drink in order to cool herself down. As Sarah examines her notes in the consulting room, she confesses to Ormerod that she can’t work out what’s wrong with Hayley. Offering helpful suggestions, Sarah is quick to make a dig at Ormerod’s approach to work and the difference with his relationships. Can the pair get to the bottom of the illness without letting their personal feelings interfere?

Meanwhile, Jenny (Leah Bracknell) visits Lisa Faulkes (Jody Elen Machin), who is recovering from the previous day’s operation. The two bond as they talk more and the animosity between them slowing fades away. After a brief visit from Woods (Paul Nicholas), Lisa makes it clear to Jenny that the hospital will be getting a favourable report, particularly Woods. How will Jenny react to the obvious flirtation between Woods and Lisa?

As Adam steps up the campaign to win Heather back, it’s clear his plan is getting to Heather when she seems riled by Dr Ormerod’s compliments. It seems that now Heather is single every male in the hospital has taken the opportunity to ask her out, apart from Adam. When Adam finally makes his move he presents Heather with an engagement ring, she’s completely taken aback. It’s clear by her reaction the couple will make it this time.

Thursday 13 March 2008 3:30pm – 4:00pm on ITV1.

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