animal rescue squad

Continuing this week on Five is the wildlife series
anchored by animal expert Michaela Strachan and
ex-‘Blue Peter’ presenter Matt Baker. The series
looks at the urgent work going on to save and
protect animals in the UK and abroad – from largescale
conservation projects to tiny wildlife
sanctuaries. In this week’s instalment, staff at a seal
sanctuary in Skegness give a young pup urgent
medical attention; a poodle is brought into the vets
having eaten a plastic bag; and Michaela visits one
of San Diego’s busiest animal-rescue centres.
Every year, hundreds of seal pups are washed up
along the UK coastline. The lucky ones end up in
wildlife sanctuaries and are prepared for release.
Tonight, staff at Natureland Seal Sanctuary near
Skegness deal with a pup who needs urgent
medical attention after becoming separated from
his mother. Without the help of the experts, the
young seal will not survive. Plus, staff attempt to
return three older seals to the sea, but will they be
fit enough to swim free?
Elsewhere, vet Jason Atherton treats a dog
called Dillon whose owner suspects him of eating
a plastic bag. Has the poorly poodle done himself
permanent damage? When nothing shows up on
the X-rays, the only option is surgery.
Also this week, Michaela visits one of San
Diego’s busiest animal-rescue centres at which
around 12,000 wild creatures are given a second
chance every year. Today, it is the turn of a badly
injured bird of prey. Having been hit by a car, this
red hawk may never be able to fly again. However,
the staff are determined to save the animal and do
everything they can to mend his broken wing.

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