animal rescue squad

Concluding this week is the wildlife series
anchored by animal expert Michaela Strachan and
ex-‘Blue Peter’ presenter Matt Baker. The series
looks at the urgent work going on to save and
protect animals in the UK and abroad. In the last
episode of the series, Michaela finds out about life
at Monkeyland, a huge primate sanctuary in South
Africa. Staff at Horseworld in Bristol train an
orphaned horse named Prince. And vets attempt
to get a former racing whippet back on his legs.
Animal Rescue Squad follows the efforts of
zoologists, vets and volunteers to help animals
around the world. The series focuses on the
unsung heroes of animal conservation, who work
tirelessly to improve the lives of creatures in zoos,
safari parks, wildlife reserves and public areas.
This week, Michaela is at Monkeyland in South
Africa, where she receives the honour of having a
gorgeous baby monkey named after her. The little
creature found refuge at this massive primate
sanctuary after her mother, Mika, was rescued
from a medical laboratory. Michaela finds out
about the day-to-day business of Monkeyland,
where each animal has to be logged,
photographed and given a unique identity. She
lends a hand by taking snaps of the new arrivals,
before helping to prepare a healthy meal for obese
monkeys Tarzan and Jane. This cuddly pair have
been put on a strict diet after being fed junk food
at their former zoo.
Meanwhile, at Horseworld in Bristol, staff are
trying to teach some manners to an orphaned
horse. Prince’s mother was rescued by Horseworld
after being badly mistreated, but she was so weak
that she eventually had to be put down nine months
after giving birth. Since then, staff have put a lot of
effort into giving Prince the best start in life. But now
he is starting to get stroppy, and if he does not calm
down he will never find a new family. Can the team
rein him in before it is too late?
Also this week, vet Jason tries to solve a
mystery illness that has Joe the whippet laid low.
Joe is a former racing star and his owner is
desperate to find out what is causing his
lameness. Can this ex-champion return to form?

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