daphne’s special friend/mayor norris (11/40)

Funky Valley is a wonderfully bonkers place full of
madcap animals who are slightly strange and
extremely adorable. Narrated by Mark Williams,
each episode of this series combines a story from
‘Funky Valley’ with one from ‘Funky Town’. The
show features all the regulars from both series,
including Clara the bossy hen and Dippy the
forgetful cow. Other characters include Norris the
naughty rat, Amadeus the wise wolf, Hoot the old
owl, and Porker and Chipolata the cream-cakeloving
Together these beloved characters rejoice in
their oddness, revel in their peculiarity and party in
the name of stupidity. There is only one thing
certain in the Funky Valley Show – that something
silly will happen every day!
In the first episode on Monday, Daphne the
grumpy duck tries to make friends with a drake.
Then, in the second story, Norris becomes mayor
of Funky Town after finding the mayor’s hat. Dippy,
Clara and Amadeus try to set things straight.
On Tuesday, in ‘Super Dippy’, Chipolata is
reading her favourite comic, Super Cow, when
Dippy seems to acquire special powers. And in
‘Shelly at the Races’, Shelly the tortoise rashly
challenges Horatio the horse to a race.
In ‘Haircut for Fleecie’ on Wednesday, Fleecie
the sheep needs a haircut. She looks like a huge
ball of fluff with legs and she can’t see where she
is going! Then, in ‘Raindance’, it hasn’t rained in
Funky Town for days, so Amadeus decides to
initiate a raindance.
In ‘Dippy and the Dogs’ on Thursday, Dippy’s
Auntie Pat comes to Funky Town with her dogs
and Dippy has to take them for a walk. Then, in
‘Swallow’s Flying Lessons’, Swallow has a few
mishaps with a hang glider, a hot-air balloon and
an aeroplane.
On Friday, in ‘Horatio and the Angry Apple
Tree’, Horatio the hungry horse finds a tree with the
biggest apples in Funky Valley – but the tree wants
to keep them. And, in ‘The City Farm’, Chipolata
longs for the calm of the countryside. Can her
friends help her to love the town once more?

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