dippy over the moon/sale! sale! sale! (1/40)

Funky Valley is a wonderfully bonkers place full of
madcap animals who are slightly strange and
extremely adorable. Narrated by Mark Williams,
each episode of this new series combines a story
from ‘Funky Valley’ with one from ‘Funky Town’.
The show features all the regulars from both
series, including Clara the bossy hen and Dippy
the forgetful cow. Other characters include Norris
the naughty rat, Amadeus the wise wolf, Hoot the
old owl, and Porker and Chipolata the creamcake-
loving pigs.
Together these beloved characters rejoice in
their oddness, revel in their peculiarity and party in
the name of stupidity. There is only one thing
certain in The Funky Valley Show – that something
silly will happen every day!
In the first episode on Monday, Dippy wants to
jump over the moon. With Hoot’s help, she tries a
trampoline, a catapult and even a rocket. Later, in
Funky Town, Dippy decides to go shopping in the
summer sale, so Amadeus gives her a Super
Vehicle Navigator to guide her through the shops
– causing absolute mayhem!
On Tuesday, in ‘Turbo Charged Dippy’, Dippy is
running late with her deliveries, so Amadeus fixes
a turbo-boost engine to the milk float. Then, in
‘Amadeus the Wolf’, the animals hide when they
spot a wolf on the prowl, only to hear the most
beautiful violin music.
In ‘Snap Goes to School’ on Wednesday, it is
Snap the crocodile’s first day at school. The little
reptile is feeling ignored until Clara takes him
under her wing. Then, in ‘Beautiful Chipolata’, it is
the annual Funky Town beauty pageant and
Chipolata is determined to win the crown.
In ‘Gone Bananas’ on Thursday, Dippy gets
the chance to fly an aeroplane when the Milk Bar’s
delivery of bananas arrives. Later, in ‘Daphne and
the Talking Hay Bale’, Daphne the duck becomes
trapped inside a bale of hay, leaving the other
animals to think that she is from another planet.
And on Friday, in ‘Nutcracker Hoot’, Hoot the
owl flies into a tree and starts to believe that he is a
ballerina. Meanwhile, in ‘The Super Dooper
Vending Machine’, Clara is left to run the Milk Bar
by herself –with disastrous consequences!

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