jaguar adventure with nigel marven

Nigel Marven travels to Brazil in pursuit of the
amazing jaguar in this action-packed six-part
series. Jaguar Adventure follows Nigel to the
Pantanal, the world’s biggest wetland and home
to the planet’s largest population of jaguars – the
least known of the big cats.
Standing between the Amazon rainforest and
the savannah grasslands, the Pantanal attracts a
stunning diversity of wildlife, including armadillos,
giant otters, iguanas and anteaters. “This place is
brilliant – every bit as exotic as the Amazon,” Nigel
says. The Pantanal also boasts a population of
some ten million caiman – one of Nigel’s favourite
species of reptile.
In his first trip into the swamps, Nigel wrestles
with an adult caiman, endures a painful encounter
with a false water cobra and interrupts a pair of
mating anacondas. Later in the series, he crosses
paths with bats, water buffalo and a capybara –
the world’s largest rodent.
However, it is a beautiful but hard-to-find
mammal that most excites Nigel’s interest. “My
main mission is to track down a rare and
mysterious big cat – the jaguar,” he says. These
extraordinary beasts are notoriously difficult to
capture on film, helped in part by their brilliantly
effective camouflage. But Nigel has heard reports
of an area of wetland where there have been
regular jaguar sightings. Can he finally realise his
childhood dream of meeting jaguars in the wild?

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